Whipton Federation Staffing Structure 2017/18

All Whipton staff work on behalf of children across the federation. We are two schools working as one. If you would like to contact staff, they are usually available before and after school for a quick chat. If you need more time, they will be more than happy to make an appointment to see you at a convenient time.

You can contact the schools directly by telephone or email the Executive Head and the Deptuy Heads at the email addresses below:

Gary Read:
Amy Hardinge:
Gemma Wills:


Senior Leadership Team

Executive Head

Gary Read

Deputy Head - Infant School 

Gemma Wills

Deputy Head - Junior School

Amy Hardinge


Ali Hirst

EYFS Leader

Kirstin Williams

Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery   Reception  
  • Kirstin Williams

  • Claire Crocker
  • Ali Cocks
  • Kath Ebdon
  • Suzy Bassett
Teaching Assistants
  • Lucy House
  • Jo Collins
  • Sue Skinner
  • Julie Rogers
  • Paula Dowden
  • Will Cornish
  • Amber Clark
  • Katy Brewer
  • Emma Choules (Maternity Leave)
  • Jo Austen
  • Sarah Morris
  • Becky Cornish
  • Leanne Cooper
  • Melanie Mills
Teaching Assistants
  • Sarah Timms
  • Sharran Singh

Key stage One

Year One

  Year Two  


  • Beck Ramsdale
  • Charlie Smith


  • Jared Evans
  • Melissa Grogan
Teacher (PPA)
  • Christine Conibere

Teaching Assistants

  • Ronnie Brooks
  • Karen Jones

Teaching Assistants

  • Sharon Stears-Tremlett
  • Debra Watts

Lower KS2

Year Three

  Year Four  


  • Kirstin Sims-Walton
  • Gareth Morris


  • Trudi Steer (Maternity Leave)
  • Jen Cordwell
  • Jonathan Graham

Teaching Assistants

  • Sue Thomas

Teaching Assistants

  • Tina Chalmers

Upper Key stage two

Year Five

  Year Six  


  • Gwen Blewett
  • Katherine Martin
  • Andy Semple
  • Katy Isaac
  • Kelly Pedley (Maternity Leave)


  • Jo Stranks
  • Luke Wilson

Teaching Assistants

  • Wendy Wareham
  • Cassie Allen (am)

Teaching Assistants

  • Michelle Hammond

SEND and pastoral support


  Pastoral support  


  • Ali Hirst(SENDCo)


  • Ali Hirst(SENDCo)

Support staff

  • Karen Ellis(assistant SENDCo)             
  • Liz Leather
  • Sam Cordey
  • Paula Williams
  • Heather Cheriton
  • Charlotte Clear
  • Julie Berry
  • Anna Balsdon
  • Jo Collins
  • Julie Rogers (EAL Coordinator)

Support staff

  • Carol Murray (Family Support Worker)
  • Ann Clements (Thrive practitioner)
  • Leah Dare (Thrive practitioner)


Administration Team

Juniors   Infant and Nursery  

Administrative Lead

Andrea Gambie

Administrative Lead

Andrea Gambie


Vicky West



Clerical Assistant

Natasha Willey

Clerical Assistant

Maz Guest

Catering Team

Kitchen Manager

Debbie West

Assistant Kitchen Manager

Sarah Plowman
Catering Assistant

Michelle Yeo

Catering Assistant

Sam Pring
Catering Assistant  

Debra Harrison

Catering Assistant

Fran Fairhurst

Catering Assistant

Jo Dluglosz

Meal Time Assistants

Senior Meal Time Assistant (Junior) Sue Thomas  
Senior Meal Time Assistant (Infant) Veronica Brown  
Meal Time Assistant Mandy Discombe  
Meal Time Assistant Debbie Spinks  
Meal Time Assistant Tracy John  
Meal Time Assistant Helen Trout  
Meal Time Assistant Ronnie Brooks  
Meal Time Assistant Debra Watts  
Meal Time Assistant Michaela Bennett  
Meal Time Assistant Karen Jones  
Meal Time Assistant Cassie Allen  

Premises Team

Juniors   Infant and Nursery  
Premises Manager Kevin Waite Premises Manager Kevin Waite
Premises Staff Sue Thomas Premises Staff Mandy Discombe
Premises Staff Jeanette Waite Premises Staff Sam Bamsey
Premises Staff Frankie Holland Premises Staff Lorraine Panton
    Premises Staff Tracy John

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