30 Days Wild


Yes, it's back! This June, join thousands of people taking part in our annual nature challenge, 30 Days Wild! We want you to do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month: for your health, wellbeing and for the planet. That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness.

In school, for the past few years, we have been celebrating 30 Days Wild by embracing the outdoor environment and doing one thing outdoors each day. This small daily act will help to connect you with nature in some way or another and we will be celebrating your wildness right here on this page. Each day, a Random Act of Wildness will be posted below for you to take part in. Take a photo of what you have done and email it to your teacher. A small selection  of images will be added to this page in the form of a daily blog throughout the month of June.

You might like to download your own copies of these documents and add to them over the coming weeks.

30 Days Wild Bingo

30 Days Wild Nature Table


Webcam link (Wildlife Trust)

Competition Time!

Devon Wildlife Trust are running a weekly competition and the details are below. You'll need to email your entries direct to the Devon Wildlife Trust address on the flyer below - please don't send your entries to us as the school isn't running the competition. The competition is being judged by Paul and Emily each week and many of you will know who they are from your Wednesday workshops.

Competition for week beginning 29-06-2020 (Looking after wildlife)

Thank you!


Wednesday 1st July

Although there is no task today, I'd just like to draw your attention to this week's competition which is now open and can be downloaded on the link above.

Amelia in Year 5 wrote her own acrostic poem yesterday and you can read it for yourself below.


Tuesday 30th June

Day 30

Sadly, this is the last official day of 30 Days Wild and we would like to thank you for your fantastically wild achievements over the past four weeks.

Your task today is to write a ‘wild poem’ to celebrate the end of 30DW using a range of poetic styles. You could write an acrostic poem like Mr Graham’s or have a go at writing a haiku (instructions below). Get your parents involved and make it a team effort. There are some examples of poems by other writers to help you and remember, poems don’t always need to rhyme. Once you’ve written or typed your poem, add some illustrations/clip art/images and email them to us

Wild poem task

Mr Morris and Mrs Balsdon's pod have been busy making magnificent stone sculptures back in school. Check them out below.


Monday 29th June

Today is the penultimate day of 30 Days Wild. Just because it's all coming to an end, please don't stop doing your bit for wildlife and doing your bit for the plants and animals around us. Every little helps. Below are some great photos of Jackson looking pretty handy with a drill and his completed bug house. What bug wouldn't want to live in there?


Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th June

Oops! Mr Graham forgot to put this weekend's challenges online but here they are, just in case you still fancied giving them a go. Many apologies.

Day 27     Day 28

Friday 26th June

Day 26

Today's challenge is all about spending less time on our mobile devices and games consoles. Although the internet is vital for home learning at the moment, perhaps we could all aim to have a little less screen time today and notice more of the natural world around us. If you go for a walk today or over the weekend, have a look around and don't forget to look up as well.

There's also still time to enter this week's competition. Entries need to be submitted to Emily at DWT by this Sunday.

Thursday 25th June

Day 25

I'm guessing the heat is great for our lizards and our wild reptillian friends at the moment but watch out for adders basking in the sun if you're out walking on the commons and moors. Mr Graham's cat is far from wild but he certainly knows how to keep cool in the heat. Keep sending your wild photos to your teacher and you may be next to star on this page.

Isabelle in Y2 keeping her cool while doing some yoga in her garden. 

Wednesday 24th June

Day 24

Today's wild adventure can be found above. This week's competition is now also on the link under the competition header. Last week's competitions were won by pupils at both Stoke Hill and Willowbrook schools which must mean that we have a winner in our ranks this week - surely. Have a wild Wednesday!

Harry in year 3 has been the wildest child in the school over the past few days and he's made the page again today with his natural mobile.


And just as it's getting a little hotter outside, here's someone who is unbelievably cool, whatever the weather.


Tuesday 23rd June

Day 23 

This RSPB link will give you some ideas for today's act of wildness as well as a host of other activities to encourage birds and wildlife to your garden.

RSPB fun activities for kids

Harry in Year 3 has been busy in the wild over the past few days. There is a very meditative Harry doing a spot of yoga below (I'm guessing this is before he was disturbed by the geese).


Monday 22nd June

Day 22

Welcome to week 4 of 30 Days Wild. Today's random act is above and watch out for this week's competition which should appear on Tuesday. Please keep remembering to send photos of your acts of wildness to your class teacher and they may well appear on this page. Lily in Y5 made a fact file on red foxes which you can see below. Mr Graham went up to Dartmoor on Saturday evening for a solstice walk and you can find some moody images of Belstone Tor with a sun that was unfortunately disappearing behind the cloud.

fact fileD1D2

Friday 19th June

Day 19    Day 20 (Saturday)    Day 21 (Sunday)

Today's random act can be found above along with tasks for the weekend for those of you who are really getting stuck into 30DW. The good news is that Saturday is this year's summer solstice and you have a whopping 16.5 hours of daylight to be wild. Have fun and send us your pictures! Well done to Isabelle in Year 2 for creating a great nature quiz (below). One of her questions was 'What do you call a group of ants? It depends where they are, but I'd say trouble!



Thursday 18th June

Day 18 - Random Act  Cameras at the ready!

Today's challenge can be found above. In the meantime, feast your eyes on some of the creative and wild activities some of you have been doing either in school or at home. Flowers always put a smile on my face and Manroop's smiling flower certainly does it for me. If only we could all have a flower like that in our garden!




Wednesday 17th June

Today's random act of wildness

Welcome to the wildness of Wednesday! In case you haven't already noticed, this week's competition is now open for you to enter and you can download this from the link above. There has been a flurry of photos this week and there are some great wild things happening out there so well done. Today, you'll find a montage of photos from Jackson in Y3 as he has really been getting stuck into all things wild. Have a look here.


Tuesday 16th June

Here is today's random act: Day 16's Random Act of Wildness Pencils at the ready!

At the time of writing, there were no images of anyone whistling with grass to add to the page but there are some photos of the results of Year 1 bug hunt (thanks to Conor) and Jashan in Y3 measuring up against some pretty tall trees in what looks like Haldon Forest.

Bug hunt writingJC forest

Monday 15th June

Today marks the beginning of the third week of 30 Days Wild. Mr Graham went into the school garden over the weekend to start setting up the new raised beds that Mr Waite is kindly building. Despite nothing growing in the garden this year, it still looked lovely and full of bees and other insects. Mr Graham took a few photos to remind those of you not in school what the garden looks like. Also check out Cory's leaf snail (and crazy hair) as well as today's random act below.

Day 15's Random Act

raised bedgardenleaf snail

Friday 12th June

Today's random act can be opened here: Day 12 Don't forget to have a  go at entering DWT's competition which you can find near the top of the page. The closing date for this week is this Sunday so get your pond skaters on!

If you fancy going wild over the weekend, here are Saturday's and Sunday's tasks. Day 13, Day 14

Check out this link for some great live webcam footage of various animals in the wild.

Webcam link (Wildlife Trust)

Well done to Oliver for making these great bird feeders which look fabulous and I'm sure they'll be attracting the birds in no time.


Thursday 11th June 

Here is today's random act: Day 11

Below is Cory who was clearly trying to score a few brownie points with his wild reading. I wonder what his next goal of wildness is going to be? Perhaps he'd like to be a bee keeper. Okay  - enough football puns - I know.


Wednesday 10th June 

Here is today's random act of wildness (day 10)

Below are some images from your own wild acts.


Tuesday 9th June (Day 9)

Here is today's random act. Random Act Day 9

The link below may well help you with today's challenge


Below are some images from the past few days of wildness. Thank you for your wonderful wildness once more. Apologies if your photo hasn't appeared yet. The format of some photos means that when they are added to the web page, they somehow end up being rotated 90 degrees.



30 dw

Monday 8th June (Day 8)

Today's random act was something Mr Graham achieved yesterday while on a very early morning bike ride along Exeter's canal and the clue is in the photo below. I wonder if you can work out today's task before opening it on the link below?

Day 8 Random Act of Wildness



Saturday 6th June/Sunday 7th June (Day 6 and 7)

If you've done something wild over the weekend, your picture might end up in the space below!

Friday 5th June (Day 5)

It looks like the sun not only brought out the daisies yesterday but also lots of random acts of wildness. There is a small selection of photographs from the previous two days below. Today's random act can also be found below as well as two more for the weekend. Thanks for your contributions for our first week of 30 Days Wild.

Today's Random Act          Saturday's Random Act (Day 6)          Sunday's Random Act (Day 7)

Bee and pollenDaisy chainSnail in the rain

Thursday 4th June (Day 4)

Unfortunately we didn't receive any photos of creepy crawlies from any of you yesterday. Please do keep sending you pictures of your Random Acts of Wildness for this page.

Today's Random Act of Wildness can be found by clicking here.

Wednesday 3rd June (Day 3 of 30DW)

There were some wonderful clouds in the sky yesterday afternoon and Kya in Year 5 managed to spot a rabbit leaping out of the sky which you can see below. Mrs Graham saw an elephant at one point which is also below - so it's true, elephants really can float. Keep your wild pictures coming our way.

Cloud 1Cloud 2

Today's Random Act of Wildness can be opened here.

Tuesday 2nd June

Well done to Cory in Y6 who certainly made a great start to his 30 Days Wild campaign. As you can see, Cory has managed to complete quite a bit of his 30DW Bingo in one day. Keep the photos of your wild activities coming our way and you might make it onto this page.




Today's Random Act of Wildness#2 can be opened by clicking here.

Emily in Year 3 found a lovely shady spot for her random act of wildness!


Monday 1st June

Today's Random Act of Wildness can be found on the link below. How wild can you be? Make sure that you also act safely when taking part.

Day 1 Random act of wildness