As a school we do all we can to ensure maximum attendance for all pupils.  We are committed to working in partnership with our parents to ensure their children attend regularly and arrive each day in good time.

Pupil Absences

If you child is not going to be attending school due to illness you are required to call the school office by 9.00am.  You can leave a message on the absence line or you can speak to a member of the office team.

If we have not heard from you by mid morning we will contact the 1st priority contact on the contact list to establish why your child is not in school.  A child that is absent with no reason will be entered as unauthorised.  More information  about absences can be found in the Federation Attendance policy.   

Key responsibilities for Parents and Carers

  •  Will recognise the importance of a good standard of attendance and their role in achieving this.
  •  Will not arrange medical appointments during school time wherever possible.
  •  Will inform the school on the first day of non-attendance.
  •  Will inform the staff if there is an issue that may lead to an absence.
  •  Will complete an absence request form for planned absences
  •  Will provide medical evidence when requested to do so by the school.

If your child's attendance falls below 95% you will receive a message from the school. If your child's attendance falls below 90% you will receive a letter.  Persistent attendance concerns are shared with the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) and can lead to parents being invited in to meet with the EWO and Deputy Head.

Planned absences in school time

Parents/carers will need to complete a S2 Absence request form for any absence during term time.  These are available from the school office.  These are sent to the Deputy Head of the relevant school for approval.  However, authorisation will only be granted:

  • In exceptional circumstances
  • At the discretion of the Deputy Head
  • If the child/children's attendance is above 95%