Whipton Barton Federation's Community Recipe Book

Take a look at our brilliant cook book which compiles recipes sent in by staff and children from across the federation.

If you enjoy creating a new dish or tasty treat using the book, please consider donating to the food bank next time you go shopping so that more families from across Exeter can eat well and cook together. 

Community Cook Book


Federation Theme Days - Summer 2020

Get Creative - 5th June 

Get creative

This theme is based around art, music and drama. Why not paint a picture, make a junk model, sing a song, design a new outfit, put on a play or get your creative juices flowing in another way.

Click below to find out what we got up to:

Nursery      Reception      Year 1 and Year 2      Year 3 and 4      Year 5 and 6


Crazy Hair Day - 12th June 

Crazy Hair

This theme is all about letting your hair go wild. You could spray your hair, dip-dye it, gel it or style it into a new crazy style. If you've had your head shaved, why not make a wig or hat that make your hair look crazy instead?

Here is the video to share your brilliant hairstyles from the day:

Back to Front Day - ht91 enuJ 


For this day, you can choose to do something in a back to front way. Why not wear your clothes back to front? Or eat breakfast for your tea? You could learn the alphabet backwards, do an obstacle course backwards, write  a backwards message to your friend or something else of your choice. !kcuL dooG

Good to be me - 26th June

Good to be me

Today is about celebrating what makes it good to be you. You could share what makes you special, show off a talent you have, draw a picture of yourself or spend the day doing what makes you happy. We look forward to sharing what makes you all special and individual! Click on the link below to see what we got up to.

Good to be me posters

Build Something - 3rd July


This theme is exactly what it says - it's about building. You could make a den outdoors or indoors, build a tower of cards or building blocks, make a castle, design your dream house, get creative with your lego or something else. See how creative you can be. Don't forget to share your photos.

Nursery     Reception    Years 1 and 2    Years 3 and 4    Years 5 and 6


Rainbow Colours - 10th July


For this day you could wear your favourite colour, try to dress in the most colourful outfit you can, paint your face with different colours, go on a colour hunt in the outdoors or around your house or anything else you choose - so long as it's bright and colourful. 

Nursery and reception     Years 1 & 2    KS2

Picnic Day - 17th July


As we will be missing our annual family picnic day, why not make your own picnic to have indoors or outdoors with your family? You could make your favourite sandwiches, have a picnic in an unusual spot, make some cakes to eat or have a picnic with your favourite toys. Send in your photos to make our mouths water with all your lovely treats!