The Tedd Wragg Trust


Whipton Barton Federation is an associate member of the Ted Wragg Trust. As such, we can draw on the expertise of trust members to support school improvement across the federation. Governors are currently considering a timeline which could eventually see Whipton Barton Federation join as a full member of the Ted Wragg multi-academy. Until then, we continue to work with the trust through its trustees including, for example, a project to develop talk across the federation with professor Debra Myhill of the University of Exeter. 

Whipton Barton Federation also works in partnership with local schools through the Beacon Learning Community. The main focus of our work is linked to moderation of standards at KS1 and KS2 and transition. Our Special Education Needs and Disability coordinators also work together to provide the best levels of support for children with SEND. Our local secondary schools St James, St Luke’s, and St Peter’s, provide good support, particularly through the provision of high quality physical education and the hosting of inter-school sports events. 

Exeter Consortium and Teaching School Alliance provides support and training across Exeter and we work in partnership with them. For example, Whipton Barton Federation and the Consortium have recently organised training for Solihull Parenting and will be hosting this with an aim to run the very successful course for parents across a number of Exeter schools. 

We work with the Virgin Care school nursing service, Babcock LDP behaviour support team and educational psychology service to target support to families and children. We have good links with the Action for Children Children’s Centre which is located on our school site. 

We employ a family support worker who has established excellent links with a range of agencies to ensure that families in difficulty can receive timely and effective support.