Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust



The Ted Wragg Trust is a not for profit local group, comprising unpaid trustees mainly from education and local businesses. These include: University of Exeter; Exeter College; Ivybridge School; EDF; Exeter Diocesan Board and EIC, as well as independent experts.

Professor Ted Wragg, in whose memory the Ted Wragg Trust is named, was passionate about education in general, and about how education can transform young people’s futures, particularly in Exeter.

The Ted Wragg Trust is a charitable foundation trust that wishes to build on this legacy and work with Exeter schools to raise the aspirations of young people and enable them to become fulfilled, confident and motivated citizens that are able to contribute actively to a democratic society.

The Trust partners share Ted Wragg’s passion for education and the difference it can make to social mobility, progression, self-esteem and ultimately success.

The aims of the Ted Wragg Trust are to:

  • Work in genuine partnership to strengthen schools and their communities.
  • Foster a culture of positive challenge and continual school improvement.
  • Provide a common sense of purpose with a focus on outstanding teaching and learning.
  • Develop life enhancing values so that students leave school with a sense of self worth and a determination to succeed.
  • Offer an excellent educational experience so that every student fulfils their potential.
  • Encourage a rich, dynamic and purposeful range of learning opportunities for all.