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An English, maths and other curriculum task will be added daily, before 9am, during term time.

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Friday 27th March 2020 

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are well and have enjoyed the week so far! We have both really enjoyed looking at all of your home learning throughout the week, please keep sending it through to us. Today is our last challenge before Easter and there will be lots of things to keep you busy. We hope you all have a lovely Easter and well deserved rest from your teaching duties this week. We appreciate that the new normal is very odd but are continued to be wowed by the work that is going on at home. 

Morning Challenge: 


Have a look at these baby animals, which one is the odd one out and why? Convince us! Remember there are no wrong answers - talk about this with your family, do you agree or disagree! 


English Challenge:

On Wednesday we had a go at being storytellers! Looking through your story maps and writing was a pleasure and that gave us a brilliant idea! Could you have a go at retelling these stories as story tellers performing them for your families. It does not have to be the whole story, it could be your favourite part. You could even film it and send it to us! We have also been celebrating performance based story telling and poetry in Year 3 and some of them have even ended up on the Whipton Facebook page. Let's see if we can get some Year 2 children up there wowing the Whipton Community too. 


Maths Challenge:

Today we would like you to go on a shape hunt around your house. What 2d and 3d shapes can you find in everyday objects? You can either take photos of these objects or draw them. I wonder if you could challenge yourself by recording it's properties:- 

2d shape - straight or curved sides and vertices (corners)

3d shape - Straight or curved edges, vertices and faces. 

We can't wait to see what you find! 


Phonics session: 

To support our children continue their sound development we have a phonics session for them to participate in today:


Afternoon Learning:

As it is our last session before Easter we thought we would explore the question...

Why do we have eggs at Easter?

Watch these lovely videos of the children explaining how they celebrate Easter. 


So why do we have eggs? This afternoon can you design your very own DREAM Easter egg. What does it look like? What's in it? What does it taste like? 


Have a brilliant Easter and speak to you all soon! 

Best Wishes, 

Miss Guppy and Mrs Grogan 







Thursday 26th March 2020 

Good morning all! I cannot believe it is already Thursday in our first week of home schooling. I have to say myself and all of the teachers are so proud of the work you are producing. Keep it up! 

Morning Challenge: 

This morning we would like you to practise you doubles! 

2+2 = 

3+3 = 

4+4 =

5+5 = 






If you know all of these, what else do you know? How many other calculations can you come up with based on these doubles? 


English Challenge: 

Today it is all about contractions - we have been doing lots of work on this recently. 

A reminder: 

A contraction is the product of two words being shortened - it + is = it's It speeds up our reading and writing! 

Look at these examples: 

has + not = hasn't 

he + is = he's 

could +not = couldn't 

it + will = it'll 

should + not = shouldn't 

she + is = she's 


Can you come up with sentences which include these contractions - can you think of any contractions I have missed? 


Maths Challenge:

Today I have a problem for you to solve! We have been exploring odd and even numbers a lot over the year. 


We know that: 

An odd number always has 

1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 in the ones column (we use the language of ones instead of units now) 


An even number always has 

2, 4, 6, 8 or 0 in the ones column


To start: 

How many odd and even numbers can you think of? 


As a family: I want you to explore what happens if we add: 

odd number + odd number =

even number + even number = 

odd + even =

Explore using as many different numbers as possible. What do you notice about the totals. 


Could you use your reasoning to explain what is happening using...

"when I add 2 odd numbers together it sometimes/always equals" 

Good luck and I can't wait to see your explorations!


We have been working hard filming a series of handwriting sessions for the you and the children to practise together! This is how we teach handwriting every single day. It is quick and simple, allowing the children to practise perfect formation. They should only complete 3 - to practise, perfect and then create perfection with their joins. Follow the link to our very own Whipton Barton YouTube Channel.

Afternoon challenge: 

Today we want you to spot the signs of spring! This could be out your window, watching a video on youtube, going on your family walk or in the garden. Can you sketch what you see. You could even write some sentences about what you have learnt. 

Story time: 

Sit back, relax and get comfy cosy as you listen to Miss Guppy read one of her favourite stories, The Snatchabook.

Miss Guppy reads 'The Snatchabook'


Have the best day. We miss you all! Thank you for your continued commitment and support to your children's learning and the school. 

 Wednesday 25th March 2020

Are you ready for today's challenges! Mrs Wills has just informed us that we will be sending out a weekly newsletter showing off your home learning. Each teacher will also have the opportunity to select one - **STAR HOME LEARNER** based on the work you email us. Have a good day! Miss Guppy and Mrs Grogan 


Morning Challenge: 

maths boggle

Today we want to see you create your own calculations. Choose 2 numbers - you can add them, subtract them or challenge yourself by multiplying by 2 or 10. You can record these as a cherry model or a bar model (parents, in the children will show you what this looks like - hopefully!) 


English Challenge:

Today is a day to be creative storytellers! We would like you to choose your favourite story. This could be one from school such as Supertato, My Best Friend Bob, Mini Rabbit not lost or maybe even the Gruffalo or one from home and retell it. Remember as a storyteller it does not need to exactly the same word for word, why don't you create a story map to help you retell this? You could even challenge yourself a step further by starting to rewrite it in your own words. Going from a storyteller to a storywriter. Good luck! I cannot wait to see how creative you have been. 


Maths Challenge: 

Thank you for all of your hard work with the Division challenge yesterday. If you feel you need more practise with this keep going and come on to this challenge tomorrow! Today we are going to focus on subtraction. Remember when we subtract we ALWAYS start with whole and subtract one of the parts - it leaves us with the other part. 

Start with these - we can practise counting backwards to solve these. 

                                              12 - 5 =                15 - 5 =               27 - 3 =                 59 - 8 =

If you can do that you can do this...

Remember, we subtract the ones and subtract the tens ----> practise these with your family

                                                      22 - 10 =                   35 - 13 =                     47 - 25 = 

Independent challenge


Afternoon Challenge!

Welcome back Explorers! This term we have been loving our work on Explorers. We have been learning about the life of Charles Darwin and the incredible voyages he went on whilst on the HMS Beagle. We have also been fascinated by the work of David Attenborough. Today you challenge is to make a poster about how to be an explorer! It must be colourful and of course have pictures showing how you could be an intrepid explorer!

Key pieces of language and sentence openers you COULD include: 

Are you......? 

A great explorer is.....

Do you have these skills? 

Are you prepared to go where no one has gone before?











Have a wonderful day and speak to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning everyone! Firstly, thank you so much for your incredible home learning yesterday. We received so many emails and are still going through them all now looking at your brilliant efforts. Today we have a real mix of activities for you to sink your teeth into. I hope you're ready for another busy day. As always keep emailing us, whether this is photos of your learning, a question or query or even a little catch up.


Morning Challenge!

boggle 2

A new day a new board! You did so well yesterday, let's see what you can find today!


English Challenge:

Today it's all about our year 2 words! 

In Year 2 we always say if we can spell ...... we can spell ....... 

Let's practise these spelling patterns 

old                                           any                                        all

gold                                        many                                      walk

hold                                        anyone                                   talk

told                                         anything


Can you spell them 3 times - once to practise (You can have a sneaky look) one to perfect (have a go on your own) and your final one should be PERFECTION! After this have a go at putting them into sentences. Just like yesterday, think about what you could add to these sentences: 

There was an old man who walked his when it was sunny. 

I have included when to explain and extend. 

Could you try and include: 

and, but, because 

that, when, if, so 

Maths Challenge: 

Today we are going to work on our sharing. 

let's practise                small

Use the images to help you practise. You can use anything around the house to help you share: Sweets, cereal, toys, counters, pasta! What ever you have! Grab your whole and get sharing. 

12 divided by 3 =                                  10 divided by 2 =                            20 divided 10 =

15 divide by 5 =                                    6 divided by 3 =                              30 divided by 2 =

You could even challenge yourself by recording this as an image. 


Creative challenge: 

We would love to see what creative things you are getting up to. This could be cooking, colouring, sketching, construction, building or maybe even your own story writing! 


Afternoon challenge: 

As it's Tuesday, that means it is PE and art. Today we want to see what co-ordination skills you have. Find a space and practise your balances - is this a seated balance or a standing balance? If you have a ball can you practise your movements, moving the ball from hand to hand, catching and throwing to a wall or a family member and you could even exploring travelling that ball around your body. In our art learning we have been looking at warm and cool tones. Could you create an picture using these tones or maybe your own collage? Create your own learning opportunity. We cannot wait for you to unleash your creative flair. 


Have a great day and speak tomorrow, 

Miss Guppy and Mrs Grogan 


Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning Year 2. Welcome to your first day of learning at home. We have set you some English, Maths and Science work today. We hope you enjoy the activities we have set and hope you don't find it too difficult. Don't forget, you can email us if you're not sure or you're struggling to understand something. Please do try and send us a photograph of your work at the end of the day. We'd love to see what you have done.


Morning Challenge


boggle board

How many words can you make using these sounds? 

English Task


In your home learning books, can you write an imaginative sentence about this tiny dragon. Where did you discover it? What does it look like? How did you feel when you found it? What mysterious powers does it have? 

Key language: 


fire breathing










Remember our capital letters and full stops! *In Miss Guppy naggy tone* Please make sure that you share your sentences with us! We would love to see them :)  

Maths Task

Your Maths challenge this morning is to solve these addition calculations. Remember to use number facts you know and don't forget to draw an image to help you.

    16 + 13 =                          24 + 16 =                    


    32 + 27 =                          51 + 15 =                  


   13 + 13 =                           73 + 27 =


 ?   + 48 = 52                       24 +   ?  = 50


  7 + 84 =                              24 + 11 =


Science - Animals and their habitats

We have been learning about food chains. Can you create a food chain using these animals. Remember to start with the predator and end with the producer (plant). How many different food chains can you create? You might like to record the different food chains in your books by drawing the animals. 

Food Chains