Year 2 Archive

 Friday 22nd May

Hello children - hooray for Friday! Not only is it Friday but it's the end of the first half of the summer term. You have all been amazing under these very unusual circumstances and been working so hard. You'll be pleased to know that you can now have a whole week off. We'll be back for the second half of the summer term on 1st June.

Morning Challenge: 


When you have made a list of other nouns we would like you to write some interesting sentences using those nouns. Can you write an expanded noun phrase? For example the friendly dog barked and wagged his fluffy tail on the way to the park. 

Phonics Challenge: 

Watch and learn with Miss Guppy as she teaches special friends tion. 

English Challenge:

Hopefully you will have all created  a board game and written some instructions. Today we would like you to create an advert for your board game persuading someone to buy it. 


Maths Challenge:

Today we are going to solve some problems involving measuring mass. 


Afternoon Challenge:

We'd like you to think about countries around the world today. Can you choose a country and use the internet to do some research about that country. On which continent would you find that country, what is its national flag, climate, language spoken? Are there any other interesting facts about this country such as its cuisine or traditions? Think about your presentation - add pictures and flags to brighten your fact file up and organise your information into sections. Have fun and please do remember to send us your work. 


Story time: 

Sit back and listen to the final chapter of Flat Stanley. We really hope you have enjoyed this story.

Thursday 21st May

Good morning children. We hope you had a good day yesterday. Thank you for sending in photos of your wonderful work. We hope you are enjoying the challenges this week. We are nearing the end of the first half of the summer term.  You have all been working so hard and want to say a big thank you to children and parents.

Morning Challenge:

This man is a very famous explorer. He is still alive today and his name is Sir Ranulph Fiennes. If he came to our school to give a talk what questions would you ask him? Look carefully at what he is wearing and where the photograph has been taken to give you some clues about what your questions might be. Write your questions down on a piece of paper. 



Phonics Challenge:

Today we are going to learn to read the sound tion with Miss Guppy. 


English Challenge:

We really hope you enjoyed making your board games yesterday. Today we would like you to write a set of instructions on how to play that game. Watch the video to find out more. 

Maths Challenge:

Today we will continue to look at measuring mass. Watch the video to find out more. 

Afternoon Challenge:

Today we would like you to create some art work depicting The Great Fire of London. Last week we explored what Samuel Pepys would have seen outside of his window and the raging fire spread across the city of London. We want you to imagine, just like Samuel Pepys, you are watching this devastating event! By using any resources you have at home (paints, crayons, colouring pencils, paper, collage) create your very own great fire of London picture! As always, we want to see how creative you can be in showing your learning but just to give you some inspiration look at the examples below - In a Blue Peter here is one I made earlier style... 

gfl 1

gfl 2

gf 3


Story time: 

Sit back and enjoy Chapter 4 of Flat Stanley.

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning children, how did we get to Wednesday so quickly? We hope you are enjoying the lovely weather and taking time to have a walk in the park or play in your gardens. We have some exciting challenges for you today. We hope you enjoy them. Don't forget to send some pictures of your efforts, we really love seeing the work you do and we need to choose someone for our Celebration newsletter this week. 

Morning Challenge:


Two emojis make a two digit number, the example given above shows 24 + 73 = 97 

Can you use the emoji's to solve these addition and subtraction questions? 


Phonics Challenge:

Today we are going to practice tious again with Miss Guppy. 



English Challenge:

Today we would like you to design your very own board game. Watch the video for further instructions. 

Here are some blank board game templates for you to download and copy or print out.

Blank board game templates

Maths Challenge:


Afternoon Challenge:

Today we would like you to learn about plants that we eat.  Click on the link and it will take you to a presentation. Once you have read the presentation complete the activity below.  Have fun.

Look at the pictures - can you create a table in your books and sort the food that comes from the different parts of a plant. If you can think of any other fruit or vegetables please do add them into the correct box. 





Story Time: 

Sit back, relax and listen to Chapter 3 of Flat Stanley

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning children, we hope you had a good day yesterday. We didn't hear back from many children so if you haven't done so please do email over your work. Doing this on a regular basis means we can respond and provide you with feedback on the work you do. 

Morning Challenge:

alphabet challenge

Phonics Challenge:

For the next two days we are going to practice tious with Miss Guppy.

English Challenge:

Today we are going to be adding conjunctions to our instructions. Watch the video to find out more. 

Maths Challenge:

In Maths today we will be learning about how to measure mass using standard units of measure. 

Afternoon Challenge:

This afternoon we would like you to get creative. We have been spending so much time with our families during these unusual times. I'm sure that for you, like many there have been high points and low points. Artists throughout time have captured family life on canvas using different styles and techniques. Have a look at these amazing family portraits. Can you paint or draw your family? You can use pens, crayons, paints or even a collage of family photographs but try and capture the essence of your family. What makes your family special? We can't wait to see your efforts.


Story Time: 

Sit back and enjoy Chapter 2 of Flat Stanley/

Monday 18th May

Good morning everybody and welcome back to another week of home learning. We hope you enjoy this weeks challenges. Please do try and send us your work as you complete it. It really does make our day. Okay - are you ready? 

Morning Challenge:

One face, so many different emotions. An emotion is how you feel. How many different emotions can you think of? Look at the man's expressions for clues. How are you feeling this morning? Can you draw a picture of your face and the emotion you are feeling? 


Phonics Challenge: 

You have been working so hard on your phonics with Miss Guppy. Today can you read these nonsense words. Remember to say the special friend you see first then Fred talk or Fred in your head and read the word. "What a load of nonsense!"

nonsense words

English Challenge:

Today we are going to be learning about Imperative verbs. Watch the video for more information. 

Maths Challenge:

This week in Maths we are going to be learning about how to measure mass. Watch today's video to find out more. 

Afternoon Challenge:

Purple Mash login's at the ready, today we are going to learn how to make some music.  Watch the video to find out more 

Story time: 

Sit back and enjoy Chapter One of a new story for the week, Flat Stanley. 

Friday 15th May 

Good morning - you've made it to the end of the week. Can we just say how proud we are of all of you. You have been producing some wonderful work and we have loved seeing everything you've done. Thank you so much for sending in photos of your achievements. Don't forget to send us something today if you haven't done so yet. 

Morning Challenge:


Phonics Challenge: 

Remember children, you watched Miss Guppy teach ure yesterday but we'd like you to watch it again today because it's a really tricky sound. 

English Challenge:

In English today we are going to look at descriptions of different board games. Watch the video to find out more. 

Maths Challenge:

This will be your last lesson on time children. If you need a bit more practice please look back at videos from the week and remember to keep looking at the clocks you have around the house and practice telling the time. 

Afternoon Challenge: 

This afternoon we are going to review our learning on our favourite explorer, Charles Darwin.

Review our key facts below and have a think about what makes an amazing explorer!  






Can you now put these events into a timeline - this can have facts, information, images, drawings or photos. Remember to take your photos. 

Story time: 

Sit back and enjoy this wonderful story after all your hard work. 


Thursday 14th May

Good morning everyone. You have all been working so hard this week and we have really enjoyed seeing your wonderful work. If you haven't sent us anything yet then please do try and get something over to us by the end of the week. 


Morning Challenge:

How many different number sentences can you make? 



Join Miss Guppy this morning with special friends ure.


We have a new board game for you to play today. Watch today's video for further instructions. 

If you have a printer download these documents to play the game. If you don't have a printer have a go at copying the game on some paper. 

Planet SOS Board Game

Planet SOS Eco cards

Planet Earth SOS Instructions


Afternoon Challenge:

This afternoon we will continue with our work on The Great Fire of London. We will be answering the question - 'Who was Samuel Pepys?' Have a look at the information below and see what you can find out about this man.



Your challenges today are to either:

Create a piece of speech - pretending to be Samuel Pepys advising the King on what to do about the fire. 


On Purple Mash you have been set two challenges: 

1.) Write a diary as Samuel Pepys - what can you see? What id happening? How did this all happen? What are you going to do? 


2.) Using the art software, create an image of what Samuel Pepys would have seen out of his window. 

art work

Wednesday 13th May

Happy Wednesday everyone! We hope that you are all keeping safe. Remember to keep checking the facebook page for regular updates! Let's get started with today's home learning. 

Morning Challenge: 

Here's another Maths challenge to warm your brains up. You'll need some pen and paper to record your findings.


Phonics Challenge: 

Let's practise the sound ear



English Challenge: 

We are going to look at some instructions on how to play board games today. Watch the video to find out more. 


Maths Challenge: 

Let's carry on looking at time. You will need to use the knowledge that you have gained so far. 

Afternoon Challenge:

We have an ICT challenge for you this afternoon so Purple Mash logins at the ready but watch this video first. 


Let's finish the day with one of Miss Guppy's favourite stories written by the wonderful Julia Donaldson. 

Tuesday 12th May 

Good Morning everyone! Happy Tuesday and we hope you enjoy a busy day of home learning. 

Morning Challenge: 

Another Maths challenge for you today children. 

Roll the dice

Can you record all the possibilities. Some questions you could answer once you have found all the ways are

'What is the highest total that can be made?'

'What is the lowest total that can be made?'

'How many totals are odd numbers?'

How any totals are even numbers?'

Have fun investigating. We look forward to seeing what you come up with. 

Phonics Challenge: 

Let's practise the sound ear


English Challenge:  

Thank you all for working so hard on your retelling of The Great Fire of London. We are going to start a new unit of work this week - instructions - are you ready? Watch the teaching video to find out more. 

Snakes and Ladders

Three Little Pigs game

Maths Challenge:

Today we are going to explore quarter to and quarter past. Don't be confused the date says Monday. 


Afternoon Challenge: 


Andy Goldsworthy is a man who creates art from nature. We would like you to create your own nature inspired art. Look at the photos of some of his work for inspiration. It doesn't matter what you use so long as the materials are natural. You can use feathers, stones, leaves, daisies or even shells. Take a photograph of your art and don't forget to send it to us. Have fun. 

Outside art


Watch this learning video for today's PE. 

Story Time:

To end your day of learning sit back and enjoy this lovely story called Memory Bottles. 

We hope you've had a lovely day of learning. Please don't forget to send us your work by email. Many thanks

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy

Monday 11th May 

Welcome back everyone! Let's get started with another busy week of home learning. 

Morning Challenge: 

Look carefully at the coins and work out how much money there is. Once you have done this can you find three other ways of making the same amount using different coins? 


Phonics Challenge: 

Let's practise and learn the sound ire from last week 

English Challenge:

Today is our last day working on the Great Fire of London. Today, we would like you to rewrite our story but make it even better. What words could you add to improve it? Is there anything we have missed that you could include, think back to your topic sessions. Remember, we do not want you to copy the original text, we want you to write it in your own words. We cannot wait to see what you produce. 

Maths Challenge: 

Can you review Thursday's session on minutes to:

Afternoon Challenge: 

We'd like you to do some science this afternoon. Watch the video below. It's all about the parts of a plant. Once you have watched the video we would like you to draw a diagram of a plant and label the different parts of a plant. As an extra challenge you could write down some facts about each of those parts. 



Thursday 7th May 

Good morning everyone! I know that we have said this every single day this week but we cannot stress enough how much, as a staff, we truly appreciate the hard work you are your spectacular children are putting into the learning. So an enormous thank you from all of us in the year 2 team. Just a reminder that tomorrow it is the Bank Holiday Weekend so there will be no home learning. Have a great day and a relaxing weekend. 

Morning challenge: 

Our last set of spellings for the week, some of our favourites today! How are you going to represent them today? 

- who 






Phonics Challenge: 

Let's carry on practising ire 


English Challenge:

To start with today, can you keep practising our story this will help you with today's task. 

Today, I have scrambled up the events from our story. Can you put them back into the correct order - to challenge yourself further could you write a create sentence about each part? You can use the images I have used or you could use this as inspiration to create your own!

Order the events of 'The Great Fire of London'

Take your photos of you with your work. 


Maths Challenge: 

Let's carry on with time! Remember, if you need to, go back over previous sessions to keep practising your skills.


Afternoon challenge:

To celebrate out bank holidays weekend and 'Victory in Europe' VE day we are going to create our own flags, banners and decorations to celebrate! Have a look at the information below to help you learn why we celebrate this day.






Story time

To finish here is one more extract from Roald Dahl's treasury. 

Wednesday 6th May 

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well. Today we have plenty of things to keep you busy and we are also going to ask you to think about our school cookbook too! 

Morning Challenge: 

Let's carry on with our spelling challenges, you can write them 3 times or use our rainbow letters like yesterday:

- over






Phonics Challenge: 


English Challenge:

Today we are going to be historians and ask and answer questions! 

The Picture - Who is this person?

I can write some sentences about this key person from 1666


Maths Challenge:

Let's carry on with our maths learning on time. Today we are going to look at quarter past. 


Afternoon Challenge: 

We are starting to create our own school recipe book. This afternoon your challenge is to write a recipe for your favourite thing to make as a family! It could be: 

- A cake

- biscuits 

- your favourite family dinner 

-tray bake 

- Or maybe a secret family recipe you are willing to share.

We understand that you may not be able to create this at home but photos of this would be brilliant. 


Sit back and enjoy one of Roald Dahl's classic stories The Enormous Crocodile. 



Tuesday 5th May 

Good morning everyone! Thank you so much for sending your brilliant home learning examples yesterday. We are getting a real range from maths and English to videos of you reading and baking. They are really making our day! Now Let's get started with today. 

Morning Challenge: 

Let's complete the next group of words from our spelling list: 




- every


Today, we want you to create a rainbow out of your words! We want you to write each letter of the word in a different colour to help you remember those letter names. 

Phonics Challenge: 


English Challenge: 

Today we are going to become storytellers! I have rewritten a short story of the key events that happened throughout 'The Great Fire of London.' Using this, we want you to start learning this! You can retell it like I have done in the video below, or even create a story map! We want to see how creative you can be with learning this story. 

The Great Fire of London Story 


Maths Challenge: 

Let's continue our work on time! Today we are going to explore half past. 


Afternoon Challenge: 

Art challenge: 

We have been recently looking at working on skills and our use of colour. Today we are going to be looking at the work of an artist called Kandinsky who loved to use bold colours to create abstract pieces as seen below. 

Kandinsky - Circles

You can use a choice of media that you have at home - colouring pencils, felt tips, crayons or paints. Remember to take your photos of you holding your work to finish :) 

PE challenge:

Today we are going to continue with our work on movements. We want you to come up with a create sequence of five movements - think about how you could: travel, balance, move, turn or roll. Remember to challenge yourself and think of different ways you could do this! Be brave and try something new. Which one is your favourite and why? Can you teach this to someone in your family? 


Story time

Sit back and enjoy another extract from the wonderful James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

Monday 4th May 2020 

Good morning everyone and happy Monday. This week we are going to be historians, explorers, storytellers and scientists. We cannot wait to see what you all get up to! 

Morning Challenge:

This week we are going to be doing spellings. On Friday we will show what we know and celebrate your fantastic spelling!

Today can you practise:






Phonics challenge: 

Let's learn another sound... 


English Challenge: 

This week we are going to become historians! We know historians relive and retell events from the past and in our topic learning we have been exploring a major event from the past...THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON! From our learning last week we now know a bit more detail around how the fire had started and what the people did to try and help it from spreading. Today, we have completed an activity mat for you to explore. You can use ours or copy it down to create your own. Please take a picture of you holding it once it is complete. Good luck historians!

Great Fire of London - Activity Mat


Maths Challenge: 

This week we are going to take a look at time. Listen to the video carefully for helpful hints and tips from Miss Guppy: 


Afternoon Challenge: 

Let's carry on with our computing learning! 


Let's finish the day with a story from Mrs Grogan. 


Friday 1st May 

Happy Friday boys and girls (and amazing parents). We hope you have a brilliant day and enjoy your last lot of challenges for the week. 

Morning Challenge: 

It's time to work on that amazing handwriting of yours, can you write these words 4 times in your BEST handwriting. 







Phonics Challenge: 



English Challenge: 

This is the last of our English lessons focusing on The Magic Box. Watch the video before having a go at writing your own poem. We can't wait to read them.



Maths Challenge: 

It's our last session of position and direction. Today we are going to be looking at changing patterns. Remember all of the language we have been using this week.


Afternoon Challenge: 

This afternoon we would really like you to explore your homes. Can you create a map? Where is everything located in your home? Where is each room? Do you have stairs? Where are the doors? Remember, when we create a map we use a key and symbols to show where things are, this is not a sketch. 

Colour them in and see if people at home can follow your maps. 

Story Time: 

We hope you've enjoyed your week of home learning. Thank you so much for your efforts and perseverance. Have a lovely weekend and we'll see you back on line on Monday.

Miss Guppy and Mrs Grogan

Thursday 30th April

Good morning everyone! Let's get started shall we :D

Morning Challenge:

I'm thinking of a number! Here are the clues - What could it be? There IS more than one answer! 

I'm larger than 15

I'm less than 76 

I'm a multiple of 2 

I'm an even number 

Both of my digits are less than 5. 


What could I be? Good luck! 


Phonics Challenge: 

English Challenge: 

Maths Challenge:

Thank you all for sending in your incredible videos and photos. Some of you have been really creative with your models, even making your own Terrance the Turtle! We have another very active session today. 

Afternoon Challenge:

We would like you to read this e book about seeds today - click on this link Seeds Once you have read the book can you go on a seed hunt around your house. What can you find that started life as a seed? You'll be surprised at how much of what we eat does come from plants. 

As an extra challenge can you create a seeds fact sheet? You could draw some different seeds and write down some interesting facts that you now know about seeds. 


Wednesday 29th April 

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here are today's challenges. We are keeping an eye out for our star home learner this week. Good luck and we hope you have a great day! 

Morning Challenge:

odd one out

Have a look at these shoes. What is the same? What is different? Which one is the odd one out and why? 

Phonics Challenge:

Let's move on to our next sound!


English Challenge: 

We are going to explore some wonderful poetry children. Watch this video to find out more. 

Maths Challenge: 

Let's carry on exploring position and direction


Afternoon Challenge: 

Topic day - Today we are going to continue exploring London in the past - focusing on 1666 when that disaster happened! Last week we discovered that London was covered in flames. Today we are going to explore what truly happened in this devastating event. Let's get going. Can you load this storytelling game and play through the events as if you were there!   

Have fun! 


Story Time: 

We hope you've enjoyed your learning today. Don't forget to send us your work.

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning you superstars! It is so lovely to be hearing about the incredible things you have been up to at home and in your learning. So many wonderful photos of walks, cooking, constructing and art work. You really are such a creative bunch. Today's challenges involve being very hands on so I hope you are up to the task. Remember to get in touch with your teachers and let them know how you are getting on!

Morning Challenge: 

Look at this word. How many new words can you create using the letters from...


Good luck! We can't wait to see how many you come up with! 


Phonics challenge: 

Time for phonics with Miss Guppy: 


English Challenge:

Today we are going to look at the story Pandora's Box in a bit more depth. Watch the video for more details. 


Maths Challenge:

Today we are going to be describing the direction of objects. Watch and Learn with Miss Guppy.


Afternoon Challenge: 

This week you will see us talking about independence. What does that look like at home and in our school? It's having the confidence and resilience to try and do something on our own, this could be first time or with some help first. On the 'Useful Websites' section you will see a life skills list of things to try. Have a go and see what you can complete. 

PE challenge: 

Today we are going to practise our throwing and catching skills - grab a small ball, bean bag or teddy and practise throwing to yourself or a family member. Are you catching two handed or one handed? Can you throw and catch to the other hand? 

How successful have you been? How many times can you catch it in a row? Challenge yourself by adding a clap between you throwing and you catching. 

Then, cool your bodies down with some yoga! 

Story Time

We hope you've enjoyed your learning today. Don't forget to send us your work.

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy

Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning children and welcome back to another week of learning. We are so proud of your commitment to learning at home. You're all doing such an amazing job and trying your hardest in these really unusual times. Keep up your hard work and efforts and please don't forget to try and send us your work at the end of each day. It really does put a smile on our faces. 

Morning Challenge

Let's get started by being detectives. These people are not social distancing! Can you look really carefully at the picture. What do you notice? How many boats? How many umbrellas? How many animals? How many beach balls and where is Wally? What else can you see? Have fun. 



Join in with Miss Guppy's phonics session. 

English Challenge

This week we are going to be working on poetry but today we are going to take a step back in time and listen to an ancient story about a magic box. Watch the whole video and follow the instructions for what do do at the end of the video. 

Maths  Challenge

Watch the video to help you with today's problem solving lesson. 

Afternoon Challenge

We are going to learn about the artist Piet Mondrian in today's ICT lesson. We hope you enjoy creating your own inspired art - don't forget to have your Purple Mash log in at the ready. 


To finish the day sit back and enjoy a new story read by Miss Guppy. 

We really hope you enjoyed today's learning. See you again tomorrow. 

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy

Friday 24th April 2020

Hello children and hooray for Friday. You have all been working so hard and we have really enjoyed receiving your amazing work. So here is your last day of home learning before a well earned weekend. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the sun continues to shine. 

Morning Challenge

Let's get started with a maths Boggle this morning. See if you can use + - and as an extra challenge x and /. 



Hello everybody, here is your Friday helping of speed sound o-e.

English Challenge

Final English lesson of the week. Please watch the video clip for instructions.

Maths Challenge

Hello children, here is the last session of Maths for the week. 

Afternoon Challenge

This afternoon we would like you to think back to our work on habitats. Watch the video for more information. 


To finish, sit back and enjoy the wonderful Supertato. 

We hope you have a really fantastic weekend children. Keep yourselves busy and we could forward to hearing from you again next week. 

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back - it looks like it's going to be another sunny day today. Are you ready for another set of challenges? 

Morning Challenge

Let's get started with a Boggle Board. How many words can you come up with using the letters in the grid. 

boggle board


Get ready for another fantastic speed sound session with Miss Guppy. 

English Challenge

Yesterday you heard the Russian folk tale Baba Yaga. Today we would like you to start by listening to the traditional story Hansel and Gretel. You might also like to listen again to Baba Yaga again because today we are going to be comparing the two stories. 

Now watch this for further instructions on your English challenge today. 

Maths Challenge

Afternoon Challenge

Last week we looked at seeds and how they are dispersed before growing. Today we are going to be thinking about how seeds germinate. Before we do, have a think about what these children are saying about how seeds grow. Do you agree? 




What do you think?



Now watch this video. 


Can you find a two of the same seed or two parts of a vegetable and plant prepare them in two pots.  Place your two pots in two different places. One in a dark place and one in a light place. Can you make a prediction about which you think will germinate first? Take photographs and start a diary. Start by explaining what you did today with your seed (or vegetable) and what your prediction is. 

Story time 

Sit back and enjoy today's story The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson

We hope you've had a good day. We look forward to seeing your wonderful work. Take care everyone.

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy


Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning everyone are you ready for another day of learning. You're all doing an amazing job and we are really impressed with the quality of work that is coming in. If you haven't emailed us yet this week with your work then please do.

Morning Challenge

 earth day

It's Earth day today. Our planet faces many challenges - from plastic pollution, the extinction of animals and plants and climate change. Earth Day is a day where people around the world collectively think about what we can do to help change this and think more about how we can protect our planet. Can you find the Earth themed words in this word search? Maybe you could design your own Earth Day poster too. 

word search


We hope you enjoyed Miss Guppy's speed sound yesterday. A new sound today. Remember you can log on to Oxford Owl and access lots of books which will allow you to practice your reading skills and improve your fluency. 

English Challenge

Today we'd like you to listen to the traditional Russian folk tale Baba Yaga. Follow the instructions on what to do next by clicking the link below. 

Maths Challenge

We've been really impressed we've how you've been getting on with the maths challenges each day. Do let us know if there's anything you're not sure about.  If you feel like you want to do extra maths at anytime then don't forget to log on to Mathletics. 

Afternoon Challenge

We'd like you to take a step back in time this afternoon and discover what life was like in London nearly 400 years ago. Watch the video first as that talks you through what we are learning about. Click on this link to watch the film again separately.


Sit back and enjoy this classic from one of my favourite authors, Judith Kerr. 

We hope you have enjoyed today's home learning. We look forward to hearing from you all. Bye for now. 

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy.

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning children and welcome back to day two. Thank you to those of you who are regularly sending in your work, we really love seeing what you've done and being able to send you a message back to tell you how well you're doing makes our day. Right, let's get started. 

Morning Challenge



If you did yesterday's afternoon challenge you'll recognise this painting by the artist George Seurat. It's called 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte'.  There is so much going on in this painting, every time I look at it I notice something else. What do you notice? How many boats can you see? How many animals? How many people altogether? Talk about the painting with someone in your house and then let us know what you've spotted. 


Let's get started with some phonics. You were all doing so well before the 'lock down' so we would like everyone to take part in a daily speed sound session with Miss Guppy. Ready.


English Challenge

How did you get on with your Angry Cat sentences yesterday? Today we are going to read an extract from Rat's diary. A diary is a piece of writing that tells the reader what someone has been doing. It's written in the first person and in the past tense. It's usually written in chronological order and includes lots of detail.

Let's have a look at what Rat wrote. 

Rat's diary

How many conjunctions are there in this piece of writing?


Now we'd like you to listen again to the Angry Cat story to remind yourself of what Cat gets up to during the day.

When you have done this we'd like you to have a go at writing Cat's diary recounting the very angry day that she has had. Have a look at Rat's diary entry to remind yourself of the sorts of sentences you could write. Can you try and use these conjunctions when you write your diary entry? We look forward to reading your diary entries. 

Maths Challenge

Afternoon Challenge

We hope you're enjoying the afternoon challenges. Today we thought you might like to do some more art followed by some PE as this is what you would normally be doing on a Tuesday afternoon. 




Time for a story

That's all for now children. We hope you've enjoyed today's learning. Please do send us examples of your work at the end of the day. That's all for now. 

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy

Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning everyone and welcome back to a new week of learning from home. Thank you so much to all of you who emailed us with your fantastic work. It has been wonderful to see how hard you have been working under such unusual circumstances. You're all stars! Lets get read for a new week of exciting activities. 

A starter to warm up your brains. Talk to someone about which of these images are showing half. Remember to think back to the work we did last week on equivalent fractions. 

fractions starter

English Challenge

This morning we'd like you to start by listening to this story before completing some sentence level work.

Did you enjoy the story? We thought it was fun. Today we are going to have a go at extending some of those very short sentences in the story. Can you remember how we extend sentences? That's right we use conjunctions. Today we are going to focus on using the conjunctions because, when and if to extend some of the sentences in this story. 

angry cat

Listen to the story again and then see if you can come up with some of your own sentences using the conjunctions. For example: -  Cat didn't like getting wet because it made her cold. 

                          Crow flapped her wings when dog barked. 

We look forward to reading your sentences. Don't forget to read them back, make sure you punctuate your sentences accurately and check they make sense.

Start with these and then create some of your own using the characters from the story. 

Cat slept inside.......

Cat got angry with rat

Frog jumped out of the pond


Maths Challenge



Afternoon Challenge

Today we are going to use Purple Mash to create another work of art. This time we are going to look at Pointillism, a technique of painting using dots. Follow the link for more information and instructions on what to do. 


Story time

We hope you've enjoyed today's learning and look forward to seeing some of your work. That's all for now. See you again tomorrow.

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy

Something for the weekend...

Have you seen the virtual joke book that the staff have made for you? We hope you enjoy it :) 

Friday 17th April

Happy Friday everyone! We hope that you've had a brilliant first week back. Let's get started with today's challenges. 

Morning Task:



English Challenge:

Today, we are going to use all of the skills we have learnt this week to create a story. This can be something that you can create with your family or on your own. Your story should start with you waking up one morning and you smell burning... you run into a room of your house (your choice) and find a dragon...

What has happened?

What does he look like?

What will you do with this dragon because you need to go to school? Does the dragon come to school with you?

What will your parents/Miss Guppy/Mrs Grogan think? 

Super challenge:

Can  you illustrate your story or EVEN BETTER record yourself telling your story? 


Maths Challenge:

Poem of the day:

Sit back and enjoy a range of brilliant poems! Look at how they are performing them, listen to their fluency and the expression they are using :)


Afternoon challenge:

Story time:


We hope you've enjoyed this weeks learning activities. Time for a break for the weekend. Rest and enjoy time with your family. Bake a cake, read a story, play some games. See you again on Monday. 

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy


Thursday 16th April 2020 

Good morning all! It's our penultimate day of the week! Thank you for those of you who have sent over your incredible home learning. If you haven't yet, please do as we need to somehow decide who our star home learner is going to be this week. Have a good day! 


Morning Challenge:

Let's see how many words you can find in todays Boggle! 


English Challenge:

We are going to continue our work on Dragons by looking at this poem 'The Small Dragon'. Have a look at the language used in the poem! Which words and phrases do you like the most? 


This poem contains lots of 'noun phrases'. An adjective used to describe a noun. Look at the examples below: 

Noun Phrases

Using this poem as inspiration, can you create your own noun phrases placing them into creative sentences. What words could you use to describe our dragon? How would this work in a brilliant sentence. Remember to include your capital letters, full stops and joined up handwriting! Good luck! 


Maths Challenge:


Poem of the day:

Today it is one of our personal favourites! The fantastic Michael Rosen reading chocolate cake. 


Afternoon Challenge: 

This term we are going to be exploring our capital city of London! 

To start with we would like you to fill out a Know/Want/Learn grid showing us what you already know about this fantastic city. 

Know Want Learn grid

Use the rest of the time to research our Capital City: 

What important buildings and Landmarks are there? 

Which important people live in London? 

Is there a river? What is it called? 

What was London like in the past? 


What other interesting facts or pieces of information can you find out. You can present this information how you would like. It could be bullet points, a poster or you could make an information leaflet all about our Capital City! 

Wednesday 15th April 2020 

Hello all! On your marks, get set.... GO! 


Morning Challenge:

Let's wake up our brains and bodies with some yoga from Cosmic Kids 


Phonics challenge:

Hi all, there are some technical difficulties with the phonics link today. We will pop up more phonics content in the week. Thank you for letting us know :) 


English Challenge:

Yesterday, we started exploring the story of George and the Dragon. We hope that you all enjoyed that version of the story. Today, we have a different version. Like all good storytellers, this storyteller has changed it ever so slightly in order to make it more exciting for the listener. 

Sit back and enjoy! 

What do you notice? What's the same and what's different? 

Which version did you enjoy more and why? 


Maths Challenge: 


Something Special:

To give you a little break, we have something very special. We know how much you all enjoy your poetry. So here is a very exciting poem about our two favourite things - cake and dinosaurs. Sorry 2EG I did try and find a pizza dinosaur one too! Looks like it will just be a cake-o-saurus today. Maybe you could use this as inspiration to write your own?


Handwriting Challenge:


Science Challenge:



We hope you all have a good day and look forward to seeing all your lovely work. To finish here is another of our Favourite Five's from last term. Keep an eye out for a new selection of Favourite Five stories next week. 



Bye Bye for now. 

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy. 

Tuesday 14th April 2020

Well Good Morning and Welcome back Year 2 and families! We hope that you had a lovely break and are ready to head back into an exciting week of learning. The Year 2 team are really excited to see what you have been up to over Easter and are looking forward to seeing more amazing work over the weeks ahead. As always, we are here if you require any extra support or have any questions that need answering. Please let us know. 

Morning Challenge: 

Today, can you draw a picture of what you got up to over Easter?


Reading Challenge:

I want to draw your attention today to the amazing resource that is Oxford Owl.  

On here, you will find an incredible range of e-books for the children to get their teeth stuck into. These are mostly phonically decodable books which will match your child's reading level. If you go to the series option at the top and scroll down to the Read Write Inc option, you can select from a range of books which the children would have explored in their phonics sessions. The Read Write Inc colour bands match to the books that they bring home on a Friday. If you are unsure please let us know and we can point you in the right direction. 

Oxford Owl

We would also recommend looking at the project X books and the Alien Adventures selection. Both are very exciting and engaging books selections! Let us know how you get on. 

English Challenge: 

This week we are going to complete a Reading Project on Dragons. We have a range of stories and extracts for you to explore. Today we are going to look at the story of George and the Dragon. Before we start, let's find out more about this tale. 

Look at vocabulary. This will tell us more about our story!

Pre-Teach the Vocabulary 


Read this story introduction to the children to draw them into the story!

There was once a brave knight called George. He was a member of the roman army and travelled all over looking for people to help. He arrived into a town where they had an enormous terrifying problem. A dragon with poisonous breathe lived in the mountains and would not leave the people alone. How scary it was! To stop the dragon from hurting the townsfolk, they would choose a young maiden to sacrifice to the dragon. George thought this was awful and wanted to stop this at once! How do you think George will try and stop the dragon and save the maiden? 


Once read and discussed you can now go on to explore the story together, you can read a page each or if you would really like to challenge yourself you can read it on your own!

The Story of George and the Dragon


Maths Challenge

Your maths challenges this week are going to be all about fractions. We covered this at the end of the Spring term so hopefully you'll remember lots already. We need you to go to this website for today's lesson. Click on Week 2, Lesson 3, Unit Fractions. It begins with Flashback Four to get your brains warmed up and then goes through what Unit Fractions are. Can you then have a go at completing the activity linked to the lesson. If you can't print it out don't worry - just copy into your home learning books. Don't forget to email me your work if you can and ask any questions via email if you're not sure.

If it's easier you can watch this slideshow that I prepared covering the same theme - Unit Fractions. 


Today we would like you to be artists using Purple Mash on your computers. Hopefully you all have your Purple Mash log in handy. If you've lost it let me know and I'll email it over. 

Claude Monetmonet 2

These paintings are by Claude Monet. He was an impressionist artist from France. Impressionism was a style of art that started in 1860. Artists used watercolours techniques to create landscapes. They focused on the way light and colour rather than detail when painting. 

In Purple Mash under 2Paint a Picture open up the impressionism programme.


Create your own landscape picture using the different watercolours available. You can add and reduce the amount of water and the thickness of your brush using the tools to the left. When you have experimented with the different watercolour techniques and colour tones create your own view from a window. Here's mine. 


my picture

Please save your picture in the folder Year 2, 2MG, Impressionist Art. We look forward to seeing your wonderful creations. 

PE Challenge: 

Today we have a workout that you can explore with your family!


We hope you all have a good day and look forward to seeing all your lovely work. To finish we thought you might like to hear one of our Favourite Five stories read by Mrs Grogan.


See you again tomorrow. 

Mrs Grogan and Miss Guppy


Friday 27th March 2020 

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are well and have enjoyed the week so far! We have both really enjoyed looking at all of your home learning throughout the week, please keep sending it through to us. Today is our last challenge before Easter and there will be lots of things to keep you busy. We hope you all have a lovely Easter and well deserved rest from your teaching duties this week. We appreciate that the new normal is very odd but are continued to be wowed by the work that is going on at home. 

Morning Challenge: 


Have a look at these baby animals, which one is the odd one out and why? Convince us! Remember there are no wrong answers - talk about this with your family, do you agree or disagree! 


English Challenge:

On Wednesday we had a go at being storytellers! Looking through your story maps and writing was a pleasure and that gave us a brilliant idea! Could you have a go at retelling these stories as story tellers performing them for your families. It does not have to be the whole story, it could be your favourite part. You could even film it and send it to us! We have also been celebrating performance based story telling and poetry in Year 3 and some of them have even ended up on the Whipton Facebook page. Let's see if we can get some Year 2 children up there wowing the Whipton Community too. 


Maths Challenge:

Today we would like you to go on a shape hunt around your house. What 2d and 3d shapes can you find in everyday objects? You can either take photos of these objects or draw them. I wonder if you could challenge yourself by recording it's properties:- 

2d shape - straight or curved sides and vertices (corners)

3d shape - Straight or curved edges, vertices and faces. 

We can't wait to see what you find! 


Phonics session: 

To support our children continue their sound development we have a phonics session for them to participate in today:


Afternoon Learning:

As it is our last session before Easter we thought we would explore the question...

Why do we have eggs at Easter?

Watch these lovely videos of the children explaining how they celebrate Easter. 


So why do we have eggs? This afternoon can you design your very own DREAM Easter egg. What does it look like? What's in it? What does it taste like? 


Have a brilliant Easter and speak to you all soon! 

Best Wishes, 

Miss Guppy and Mrs Grogan 


Thursday 26th March 2020 

Good morning all! I cannot believe it is already Thursday in our first week of home schooling. I have to say myself and all of the teachers are so proud of the work you are producing. Keep it up! 

Morning Challenge: 

This morning we would like you to practise you doubles! 

2+2 = 

3+3 = 

4+4 =

5+5 = 






If you know all of these, what else do you know? How many other calculations can you come up with based on these doubles? 


English Challenge: 

Today it is all about contractions - we have been doing lots of work on this recently. 

A reminder: 

A contraction is the product of two words being shortened - it + is = it's It speeds up our reading and writing! 

Look at these examples: 

has + not = hasn't 

he + is = he's 

could +not = couldn't 

it + will = it'll 

should + not = shouldn't 

she + is = she's 


Can you come up with sentences which include these contractions - can you think of any contractions I have missed? 


Maths Challenge:

Today I have a problem for you to solve! We have been exploring odd and even numbers a lot over the year. 


We know that: 

An odd number always has 

1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 in the ones column (we use the language of ones instead of units now) 


An even number always has 

2, 4, 6, 8 or 0 in the ones column


To start: 

How many odd and even numbers can you think of? 


As a family: I want you to explore what happens if we add: 

odd number + odd number =

even number + even number = 

odd + even =

Explore using as many different numbers as possible. What do you notice about the totals. 


Could you use your reasoning to explain what is happening using...

"when I add 2 odd numbers together it sometimes/always equals" 

Good luck and I can't wait to see your explorations!


We have been working hard filming a series of handwriting sessions for the you and the children to practise together! This is how we teach handwriting every single day. It is quick and simple, allowing the children to practise perfect formation. They should only complete 3 - to practise, perfect and then create perfection with their joins. Follow the link to our very own Whipton Barton YouTube Channel.

Afternoon challenge: 

Today we want you to spot the signs of spring! This could be out your window, watching a video on youtube, going on your family walk or in the garden. Can you sketch what you see. You could even write some sentences about what you have learnt. 

Story time: 

Sit back, relax and get comfy cosy as you listen to Miss Guppy read one of her favourite stories, The Snatchabook.

Miss Guppy reads 'The Snatchabook'


Have the best day. We miss you all! Thank you for your continued commitment and support to your children's learning and the school. 

 Wednesday 25th March 2020

Are you ready for today's challenges! Mrs Wills has just informed us that we will be sending out a weekly newsletter showing off your home learning. Each teacher will also have the opportunity to select one - **STAR HOME LEARNER** based on the work you email us. Have a good day! Miss Guppy and Mrs Grogan 


Morning Challenge: 

maths boggle

Today we want to see you create your own calculations. Choose 2 numbers - you can add them, subtract them or challenge yourself by multiplying by 2 or 10. You can record these as a cherry model or a bar model (parents, in the children will show you what this looks like - hopefully!) 


English Challenge:

Today is a day to be creative storytellers! We would like you to choose your favourite story. This could be one from school such as Supertato, My Best Friend Bob, Mini Rabbit not lost or maybe even the Gruffalo or one from home and retell it. Remember as a storyteller it does not need to exactly the same word for word, why don't you create a story map to help you retell this? You could even challenge yourself a step further by starting to rewrite it in your own words. Going from a storyteller to a storywriter. Good luck! I cannot wait to see how creative you have been. 


Maths Challenge: 

Thank you for all of your hard work with the Division challenge yesterday. If you feel you need more practise with this keep going and come on to this challenge tomorrow! Today we are going to focus on subtraction. Remember when we subtract we ALWAYS start with whole and subtract one of the parts - it leaves us with the other part. 

Start with these - we can practise counting backwards to solve these. 

                                              12 - 5 =                15 - 5 =               27 - 3 =                 59 - 8 =

If you can do that you can do this...

Remember, we subtract the ones and subtract the tens ----> practise these with your family

                                                      22 - 10 =                   35 - 13 =                     47 - 25 = 

Independent challenge


Afternoon Challenge!

Welcome back Explorers! This term we have been loving our work on Explorers. We have been learning about the life of Charles Darwin and the incredible voyages he went on whilst on the HMS Beagle. We have also been fascinated by the work of David Attenborough. Today you challenge is to make a poster about how to be an explorer! It must be colourful and of course have pictures showing how you could be an intrepid explorer!

Key pieces of language and sentence openers you COULD include: 

Are you......? 

A great explorer is.....

Do you have these skills? 

Are you prepared to go where no one has gone before?











Have a wonderful day and speak to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning everyone! Firstly, thank you so much for your incredible home learning yesterday. We received so many emails and are still going through them all now looking at your brilliant efforts. Today we have a real mix of activities for you to sink your teeth into. I hope you're ready for another busy day. As always keep emailing us, whether this is photos of your learning, a question or query or even a little catch up.


Morning Challenge!

boggle 2

A new day a new board! You did so well yesterday, let's see what you can find today!


English Challenge:

Today it's all about our year 2 words! 

In Year 2 we always say if we can spell ...... we can spell ....... 

Let's practise these spelling patterns 

old                                           any                                        all

gold                                        many                                      walk

hold                                        anyone                                   talk

told                                         anything


Can you spell them 3 times - once to practise (You can have a sneaky look) one to perfect (have a go on your own) and your final one should be PERFECTION! After this have a go at putting them into sentences. Just like yesterday, think about what you could add to these sentences: 

There was an old man who walked his when it was sunny. 

I have included when to explain and extend. 

Could you try and include: 

and, but, because 

that, when, if, so 

Maths Challenge: 

Today we are going to work on our sharing. 

let's practise                small

Use the images to help you practise. You can use anything around the house to help you share: Sweets, cereal, toys, counters, pasta! What ever you have! Grab your whole and get sharing. 

12 divided by 3 =                                  10 divided by 2 =                            20 divided 10 =

15 divide by 5 =                                    6 divided by 3 =                              30 divided by 2 =

You could even challenge yourself by recording this as an image. 


Creative challenge: 

We would love to see what creative things you are getting up to. This could be cooking, colouring, sketching, construction, building or maybe even your own story writing! 


Afternoon challenge: 

As it's Tuesday, that means it is PE and art. Today we want to see what co-ordination skills you have. Find a space and practise your balances - is this a seated balance or a standing balance? If you have a ball can you practise your movements, moving the ball from hand to hand, catching and throwing to a wall or a family member and you could even exploring travelling that ball around your body. In our art learning we have been looking at warm and cool tones. Could you create an picture using these tones or maybe your own collage? Create your own learning opportunity. We cannot wait for you to unleash your creative flair. 


Have a great day and speak tomorrow, 

Miss Guppy and Mrs Grogan 


Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning Year 2. Welcome to your first day of learning at home. We have set you some English, Maths and Science work today. We hope you enjoy the activities we have set and hope you don't find it too difficult. Don't forget, you can email us if you're not sure or you're struggling to understand something. Please do try and send us a photograph of your work at the end of the day. We'd love to see what you have done.


Morning Challenge


boggle board

How many words can you make using these sounds? 

English Task


In your home learning books, can you write an imaginative sentence about this tiny dragon. Where did you discover it? What does it look like? How did you feel when you found it? What mysterious powers does it have? 

Key language: 


fire breathing










Remember our capital letters and full stops! *In Miss Guppy naggy tone* Please make sure that you share your sentences with us! We would love to see them :)  

Maths Task

Your Maths challenge this morning is to solve these addition calculations. Remember to use number facts you know and don't forget to draw an image to help you.

    16 + 13 =                          24 + 16 =                    


    32 + 27 =                          51 + 15 =                  


   13 + 13 =                           73 + 27 =


 ?   + 48 = 52                       24 +   ?  = 50


  7 + 84 =                              24 + 11 =


Science - Animals and their habitats

We have been learning about food chains. Can you create a food chain using these animals. Remember to start with the predator and end with the producer (plant). How many different food chains can you create? You might like to record the different food chains in your books by drawing the animals. 

Food Chains