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Good morning. Here are your tasks for today. Please remember to use the new email address to send in your work. We had very few emails yesterday so please make sure that you send something to the address by the end of the week. Thank you!

English Task

Today for your English task we are going to focus on handwriting. We worked so hard when we were at school on joining our letters so we must try and keep it up! To start with, copy out each of these joins neatly once. When you have done this, copy out the sentences below in your neatest joined handwriting. There are capital letters missing so add these in too please.


1. sally couldn’t wait for her school trip to charmouth because she loved hunting for fossils.

2. It was amazing how quickly the month of may had flown by!

3. mr read and miss hardinge were looking forward to the children returning to school.

4. tommy wanted to open his birthday presents but his birthday wasn’t until tuesday, so he had to be patient.

Maths Task

Tuesday maths

Music Task

Today’s other curriculum task is a music task. Which is one of my (Mrs Walker) favourite subjects!

I’d like you to copy and paste this web link into your browser and close your eyes and listen to the piece of music.  Listen to it twice, both times with eyes closed and no distractions.

Once you have listened to it answers these questions:

What could you hear?

What is this style of music?

How old do you think this music is?

Which Country do you think this music is from?

What does this music make you feel?

What do you think this music could be about?

Do you like this piece of music?

 Chapter 21 of Gangsta Granny 


Good morning everyone and welcome back to the 2nd part of the summer term. We hope that you have all had a lovely half term and managed to get outside and enjoy some of the lovely sunshine we have been having. Back to work now though!

You should have received information from Miss Hardinge about slightly different contact arrangements. For those who didn't see this here is the information again.

Home learning will be set as usual on the website but will now need to be sent to The teachers will pick it up from this address and respond to you in the same way they have currently been doing. Miss Pringle will not be working for the first week of June but will return after that. For that first week, Mrs Crocock and Mrs Walker will respond to all Year 3 emails.

We have started our '30 Days Wild' which is a programme set up by The Devon Wildlife Trust. We usually have great fun with this at school but it has been adapted for children to do at home this year. Please look each day at the tab on the school website under home learning. A 30 Days Wild tab has been added. Each day there will be a new challenge. You don't have to do it everyday, but there might be something that you fancy trying. We will be collecting photos of children completing these challenges so that we can add them to the blog. Please send any photos to your teacher.

Here is your home learning for today. Please remember to email some of your work each week. We look forward to seeing what you get up to!

English Task

To start off this week, we are going to be going over some homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings and are spelt differently) and some other words that year 3 children often spell incorrectly!

I have written each in a sentence and underlined the word to focus on. Read through each sentence and copy the word in bold into a list. Next, write you own sentence for each word, making sure that you have used it in the correct way.

These are also your spellings for the week so make sure that you know how to spell them and the meanings of each ready for a test on Friday!

Tom and Lucy didn’t want to share their toys with their cousins.

There were so many people on the beach on Saturday, we didn’t know where to go.

Mum and dad said that they’re going to give us pocket money if we do some chores at home.

I wanted to buy a new game for my PS3 but it was way too expensive.

During lockdown I went to the park around the corner from my house nearly every day.

We have a dog, a cat and two goldfish as pets.

When we went to the safari park I was disappointed that I couldn’t see the tigers because they were behind a tree.

The trip to France on the ferry made me feel sick because the sea was incredibly rough that day.

When the weather was roasting hot, we ran out of ice cream.

At the park there were signs saying that we had to ‘keep off the grass’.

Maths Task

Maths 1.6.20

Science Task

This week we are starting a new topic. It’s a Science topic based on Forces and Magnets. We are going to start with some lessons about forces. Maybe before we begin can you write down or tell somebody else in your house what you think a force is?


We are going to watch two videos today to introduce you to what a force is and what affect it has.

To start today I’d like you to visit this BBC bitesize page, watch the short video and read the information underneath and then at the bottom complete the short activity.


Next watch the video on this BBC bitesize page and then complete the short labelling activity on this page:


Now that you’ve learnt a bit about forces have a go at completing this worksheet:

Pushing and Pulling forces Activity.


It's the last day of half term! If you haven't already sent your teacher any of your work from this week then please do! We'd love to see it before the end of the day.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of today's learning to see a little message from Miss Pringle and a Goodbye from Mrs Steer.

English Task

English 22.5.20

Here's the link for chapter 4 Fantastic Mr Fox chapter 4

Maths Task

Here's your final investigation of the week..

Make 37


Today is your last day learning about Ancient Egypt. I hope you have enjoyed this topic. First, watch this video as a quick reminder of the areas we have looked at. Then I would like you to be as artistic as possible and design a poster with drawings, paintings, collage etc to show the different aspects of Ancient Egyptian times. Some things you could include are pyramids, Hieroglyphics, River Nile, Gods, tombs and Tutankhamen. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

The last 3 chapters of Beth on the Nile are now on Purple Mash along with the questions for you to finish today or over half term.


Matilda - chapter 18


I would like to introduce you to my son Elijah Jay. My partner gave birth to him on Tuesday 19th May! 

Miss Pringle x

Miss Pringle's baby



We're in for another beautiful day today Year 3 so stay safe in the sun. Here's your learning...

English Task

English 21.5.20

Maths Task

Another investigation for you today :)

Here's the link you'll need for your sheet too - L4 Investigation


Today you can take it easy and watch this Horrible History video. It has all of the clips related to Ancient Egypt. Enjoy!

Chapter 5 and the questions for Beth in the Nile have also been set for you on Purple Mash.

Story Time

Chapter 20 continued - 


Hello everyone! It's Wednesday and here's what we have planned for you today. 

It's supposed to reach 20 degrees today, so make sure you apply sun tan lotion if you go outside, wear a hat and ensure you drink lots!

English Task

Here is the link for your poster WANTED POSTER

Maths Task

Here's today's investigation..

The link for the game

Got it!


Today you are going to find out about how historians have learnt so much about the lives of  Ancient Egyptians. Go to the website below and watch the clips and compete the activities. Then answer these questions.

1. Why was the Rosetta Stone so important? What did it help historians to do?

2. Name 3 places in Egypt where you can still see Ancient Egyptian monuments.

3. Where in the UK can you find Ancient Egyptian artefacts?

Next go onto Purple Mash and read chapter 3 of Beth in the Nile and then answer the 5 questions.

Story Time

Chapter 21...



Good morning and welcome to another wonderful day of home learning. Please keep sending us in what you've done! We hope you have a lovely day.

English Task

Finally, you can hear what happens next in Fantastic Mr Fox. 

English 19.5.20

Maths Task

Here's another juicy investigation for you today! Enjoy...

Buying a balloon


Today we will be learning about Tutankhamun, a very famous Egyptian Pharaoh. Watch the video and answer the questions below. Read the rest of the web page and complete the activities. Why not try and make your own Tutankamun mask?

1. At what age did Tutankhamun begin to rule Egypt?

2. Why was he a popular ruler?

3. Name 3 things he had in his tomb ready for his journey to the afterlife.

4. Where was he buried?

5. Who discovered his tomb hundreds of years later in 1922?

Well done for those of you who have been doing your tasks on Purple Mash. There are still lots of you who aren't doing this. Using Purple Mash is a really fun way of learning about the Egyptians so please do go onto it and look at your 2dos!

Today there is the next chapter and questions of Beth on the Nile to complete. You can also go into the mash cam and take of photo of yourself to put onto a Tutankhamun mask!  Try it, they look really funny! Why not take one of your adult at home too!  PS can you tell who this is?


Story time

Chapter 20 continued :) 


Hello Year 3 and welcome to yet again to another week of exciting learning. We've only got one more week before half term (that's flown by) so let's make it count! Here's what we have in store for you today...

English Task

Today we are looking at some vocabulary. Watch the video and then click on the link for today's work.. English 18.5.20

For spelling this week you are looking at prefixes.


Maths Task

This week we are going to begin a week of addition investigations. I really hope you enjoy them. Watch this clip and then give the investigation a go...

Investigation 1


We have one more week on our fascinating topic of Ancient Egypt. Today we are going to learn about the Gods, who were very important to Ancient Egyptians. Watch the video and complete the activities on this site. Then draw a detailed picture of one of the Gods and write who they are and what they are the God of.

Next, go onto Purple Mash and into your 2dos and click on the Beth in the Nile story.  Read the first chapter (either on your own or with an adult reading). Then, back in your 2dos, click on the multiple choice quiz. You will be given a chapter of this book to read with questions every day this week. 

Finally you can play the Egyptian Gods pairs game. This will also be in your 2dos section.

Story Time

Chapter 20 :) 

Matilda - chapter 17.


Hi everyone - it's Friday! We hope you've enjoyed your week of learning. We're sure that you're all now experts in the Ancient Egyptians and telling the time. We're starting a new unit of work next week for Maths but please keep practicing telling the time, it's a really important skill to have. 

English Task

Today I would like you to write your two paragraphs of what might happen next in Fantastic Mr Fox. Remember to use your plan when writing. I would like to see your best joined handwriting please. Don't worry - next week you will find out what really happens.

English 15.5.20

Maths Task

So we've been learning about telling the time for 2 whole weeks now and from the work I've seen, lots of you are getting to grips with it well. Below is a mini test/quiz all about time that I'd like you to give a go for your last lesson. We've covered everything in it but if you struggle with some questions, give them a try and move on.You can print this and write on it, or just write your answers on a notepad. Good luck! P.S parents, I have also attached the answer paper...

Time Quiz

Time Quiz answers


Well done to those who worked on Purple Mash yesterday. Today we are going to be learning about life for ordinary working people in Ancient Egyptian times. To start with, watch the film on the link below and then answer the questions.

1. At what age did children start work?

2. What did he put on before he went to work?

3. What was his job?

4. What food did he take for lunch?

5. What did he have in his house that he was proud of?

When you have answered the questions, continue to read and use the interactive tools to gather more information about their lives. Then sort through the foods in the packed lunch section. Finally, look at the recipe for making your own Egyptian flatbread. Ask your adult of you are allowed to make this over the weekend. Don't forget to take a photo and let your teacher know how it tasted!

Story Time

Chapter 19 part 2!


Thank you for those of you who continue to send us your home learning, we love to see what you're getting up to! Please don't forget to still use the online learning platforms as well. 

English Task

Yesterday you made some predictions about what you think might happen next in Fantastic Mr Fox. Today, you are putting those ideas into a plan so that you can write them out in paragraphs tomorrow. 

Plan for writing 14.5.20

Maths Task

Here is your maths task for today. We're going to be looking at reading TV guides and calculating the duration of TV shows :)

Guide task

Guide task 2


We will be using Purple Mash again today to learn about the houses in Ancient Egypt. Not very many children completed this work yesterday which is a real shame. Thank you to those who did though, you know who you are!! Please give this a go today. Using Purple Mash is a great way to learn about out topic work. If you don't  know your login, please email your teacher and they will email it right back. Watch the video below to see what you need to do. 

Story time

Gangsta Granny - Chapter 19


We've reached the middle of the week - here's what Wednesday has in store for you.

English Task

English 13.5.20

Maths Task

Watch this clip first...

To warm up, read these statements and work out whether they are true or false;

True or False

Now for your main activity, can you sort these times from the time that's first after midnight EG, 12.24am would go first because it's only 24 minutes after midnight.

Sorting time


Now that you have some facts about the River Nile you are going to use them in your work today on Purple Mash. Watch the video below and then go to Purple Mash to complete your work. The link to Purple Mash this is at the top of this page. Email me if you can't find your login and I can send it to you. Make sure that you save your work so that I can look at it later.

Story Time

Chapter 18 - Enjoy!



Hello Year 3! We hope you've had a good start to your learning week. Here's today's tasks...

English Task

My apologies, I realise that you can't hear the bitesize video in this so here it is.

English 12.5.20

Maths Task

Some of you found yesterday's task challenging (but in a good way)! Today we're going to take our learning a little further by looking at digital times. Watch the clip and then you'll see your task below...

Match the times

History Task

Today we are going to learn all about the mighty River Nile. Watch the clip below and then read the information sheet. You could pause the video to make a note of any facts that you want to use. When you have your facts, draw a picture of the River Nile through the centre of your page. Then write your facts around the river. Make sure you have at least 6 facts as you will need these tomorrow for your task on Purple Mash.

Nile information

Story Time

Chapter 17 for you :) 


Good morning year 3. We hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend, now back to another week of home learning! This week we will continue to learn about time in maths, read more about what Fantastic Mr Fox gets up to and investigate further the incredible history of the Ancient Egyptians! Mrs Crocock is working in school this week so she might not reply to your emails right away.

English Task

We are still looking at Fantastic Mr Fox this week but today we have a focus on punctuation. I would like you to use your neatest, joined handwriting when writing your sentences please.


Your spellings for the week:











Maths Task

Here's your maths task for today.It's a little different to what we've done before, so don't be afraid to ask your teacher if you're not sure :)


Below is a pdf with little clocks on if you'd like to use these for your investigation.


History Task

Today we are going to learn more about where and why the Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics. Follow the link below to The British Museum website and click on the explore section.

Firstly, explain in your own words what a scribe is.

Next read all of the sections that explain where and why hieroglyphics were used, there are 6. Then write these in a list.

Finally choose one of the images to carefully draw yourself. Take your time and include plenty of detail. 

Why not have a look around the other sections in this website? They have some amazing artifacts to look at!

Story Time

Chapter 16 continued...

Matilda - chapter 15.


Happy Thursday year 3. It's a short week this week due to tomorrow's bank holiday. So, please make sure that you send your teacher in some work today if you haven't done so already. It's really important that we see 2/3 pieces of work a week, so we can ensure that you are understanding and attempting the tasks that we give you. Thank you to those children who consistently send work in - it's wonderful to see. 

English Task

Here are the fronted adverbials

English 7.5.20

Maths Task

It's time for some work on time again! There's two clips to watch and then you'll find your work sheets below :)


Times in words

Clock faces


History Task

You heard about hieroglyphs in the video yesterday. Today you will be learning more about them. There are some examples to look at of real Ancient Egyptian Artifacts with hieroglyphs written on and some more information for you to read. Then look at the alphabet in hieroglyphics. Write you name using these. Why not make place mats or signs for the door for the people in your house? You could decorate them too using Ancient Egyptian images. Click on the link below for the information.

What is VE Day?

Do you know why this Friday is a special Bank Holiday? What might people have been doing in their streets if we were allowed to be together?

Have a look at the information on BBC Newsround.

Story Time

Chapter 16 of Gangsta Granny

Matilda - chapter 14.


Optional extra

I (Miss Pringle) had forgotten that it's bank holiday tomorrow and planned you an extra English. Feel free to do this task if you are bored at any point over the weekend but it is not in any way compulsory.

English optional extra lesson


Good morning to you all! Welcome to your home learning for today. A couple of things to mention first.

Firstly have any of you contributed to our Whipton Barton Recipe Book? If you have any recipes that you enjoy at home why not take a photo of you cooking, along with the recipe and email it to We have quite a few cake and biscuit recipes but could do with some more savoury ones. Email your teacher if you have any questions about this.

Secondly, Sustrans the bike charity that we work with at Whipton, have sent us some activities that they have designed for this time at home. Look on the Home Learning website at the bottom of the 'Really Useful Website' section to see their activities. 

English Task

As I said yesterday, your English task today is to continue your labelled drawings. I have been sent a few nice ones already. If you could think of your own adjectives as well as the ones in the actual story that would be great. :-) 

Maths Task

Here's your maths time task for today...

History Task

To begin with today, watch this introduction to The Ancient Egyptians.

Next read to information on the sheet below and then answer these questions.

Pyramid facts

1. Why were Pyramids built?

2. How long did it take to build The Great Pyramid?

3. How do we know so much about the Pyramids? What were on them that gave historians clues?

4. What did they place in a tomb? Why?

5. What was the purpose of a sphinx?

Now have a go at making your own 3D pyramid. Colour it first before you cut it and glue it together.

If you don’t have a printer, copy a 2D picture of a pyramid, add details and colour it neatly. I look forward to seeing them!

3D pryamid



Story Time

Here's chapter 15


Hello Year 3. We hope you all have a lovely Tuesday. We're missing you all an incredible amount but have been so pleased with the work that a lot of you have been sending in. Keep smiling and working hard :) A big thank you to the parents for all the support you've given the children and us throughout this time too.

English Task

Here is your English task, as I explain in the video you have two days to complete it so please don't rush! We would love to see your pictures afterwards. 

Fantastic Mr Fox chapters 1 & 2

English 5/6 May

Maths Task

Here's your next lesson on time. Today we're looking at the calendar..



Firstly I would like you to click the link below and have a good look at the world map. Find Egypt on it and write down which continent it is in. Can you name the other 6 continents too? Have you visited anywhere outside of the UK? Can you find it on the map?

Now look at this map of Ancient Egypt. 

Can you write down the seas that are close to the country?

What is the name of the river that runs right through the country? Have you heard of this river before? Why?

Why do yo think all of the towns and cities are next to the river? 

Do you know anything about the Ancient Egyptians already? Write down anything you think you know already and 5 things that you would like to learn about them.

Ancient Egypt


Have a go at learning the colours in French today. Read the colours below and then draw a large rainbow on a piece of paper. Write the names of the colours in French in each section of the rainbow. Then colour it in correctly.


Story Time

As promised, here are two chapters of Gangsta Granny for you (chapters 13 and 14).


Good morning year 3 and welcome to another week of Home Learning! It's a short week this week as we have a Bank Holiday on Friday, so make sure that you send some of your work through to your teacher before Friday. Here are your tasks for today.

English Task

We are starting a new unit of learning in English based on the story Fantastic Mr Fox. For your task today you need to read (or ask someone to read you) chapter's 1 and 2. I have given you some comprehension questions to answer about the story so far. 

Fantastic Mr Fox chapter's 1 & 2

Fantastic Mr Fox questions

Your spellings for the week:











Maths Task

We're going to spend the next two weeks learning about time in maths. For your task today, we'd like you to firstly think about what you already know about time. Can you answer these questions?

Time 2

When we learn about time, it's not always about clocks/hours/minutes. It can refer to the passing of time, so that includes weeks/months/years.

You're main task is to research the answer of these questions. Use the internet or see if the people you live with know the answer. We've done one for you and also popped the possible answers on the right hand side. For the stretch, you'll need to think about how you can use your + or X to solve it...

Time facts

History Task

In our next history topic we are going to be learning about The Ancient Egyptians.

To begin with, we are going to look at a timeline of world history.  Look at this timeline and talk about these questions with someone at home.

Where are the Ancient Egyptians on the timeline?

What does BC mean?

What does AD mean?

World History Timeline

Can you make a timeline for your own life so far? Draw a line across the centre of a blank page (landscape). Start with the year that you were born. Move along the timeline to add significant times in your life. These could be things like ............started pre school, moved house, had a little sister/ brother, broke my arm, started Reception, went on holiday to France, started at the Junior school or anything else that has happened in your life. Draw some illustrations to go with these events.

Ask your adult at home if they can do one for their life too. How is it different you yours?

Story Time

I'm so sorry, the recordings for Gangsta Granny didn't work today as I couldn't upload them!. I promise two tomorrow...

Here's Matilda chapter 13


It's the first of May everyone and here's what we have in store for you today...

English Task

Today I would like you to write your opening paragraphs of your story about the mystery cottage in the wood. Watch the video to get some ideas from my writing. I have also attached the adverbial list. Keep it open on your computer as you write and it might give you some ideas. I look forward to seeing your final piece. You could also draw an illustration to go with your writing.


Maths Task

Here's your last lesson on fractions. We have been so impressed with all that you've sent us this unit - well done! P.S. sorry about my dogs in this video. 

Maths 1.5.20


Today for science, we’d like you to get a little crafty and create a home-made fossil. There are many ways in which you can create your own fossils at home so we’d like you to give one of these a try…

  1. Making a fossil using coffee ground -
  2. Making a fossil using salt dough - (this suggests using toy dinosaurs, but you can use shells/anything else to make an imprint). 
  3. Making a fossil using playdough (use toys/shells/sticks to imprint) or anything else you have in the home that you can press a mould in to. 
  4. Find some mud in the garden or on your daily walk. Can you re-create some dinosaur footprints? Footprints can often be found fossilised too!
  5. If you’re not able to do any of the above, why don’t you sketch a fossil? Use the internet to find an interesting one (perhaps Mary’s Ichthyosaur) or make a fossil out of anything else you have at home.

We cannot wait to see what you create!

Story time

Here's your final installment for the week...Chapter 12.

Matilda - chapter 12.


Hi everyone :) Here are your home tasks for today...

English Task

Today you need to write the plan for your story based on the house in the woods. We will be focusing on just the opening of our story so that we get a really good quality piece of writing. Make notes about the headings attached in the sheet below. Remember, the better your planning, the easier your story will be to write tomorrow!

Story plan

Maths Task

Maths 30.4.20


For your science learning today. We’d like you to learn about how fossils are actually formed. This may not be how you think, as there are not actually any bones inside fossils! Watch this clip first…

Then, can you re-order the stages for fossilisation? On the document below you will find a grid and 6 different steps to order. Once you’ve done this, you can draw a picture to match that stage. If you’re not able to print this work. You can still read the steps and decide which goes first, second, third etc…


Story Time

Hope you enjoy chapter 11 of Gangsta Granny!


It's Wednesday everyone and it's supposed to rain again today. If you're bored at home and have completed your learning, why not try our life skills list? If you click on 'more wonderful websites' below the year group pages, scroll to the very bottom and you'll see a document. On here, there is a long list of things that you can do at home - some of which you may not have ever tried before. We'd love to hear how you get on or even see videos of you achieving the skills...

English Task

Watch the video below, this will explain your task today. I would like to see at least 6 carefully thought out sentences. You need to think about different ways to start your sentences as well as using adjectives and adverbials.

Maths Task

Maths 29.4.20


It is clear from your notes on Mary Anning that you’ve developed a good understanding of her and why she was so famous. For your task today, we’d like you to pretend that you are Mary and write a diary. This diary could be about;

  • A normal day curiosity hunting with her brother and father
  • The day she met Elizabeth Philpot and what she learnt
  • The day she discovered the ichthyosaur

Here is an example of how you may begin your diary..


I’ve also attached the original film clip, in case you wanted to watch it again.

Story Time

Here’s Chapter 10 of Gangsta Granny (it’s getting good…). There are two clips as I couldn't fit the whole chapter into one!



Good morning Year 3s - here's today's exciting learning...

English Task

I hope that your arms aren't aching too much from all of the handwriting from yesterday! Watch the clip below to see what you need to do today. I would like at least 6 'I wonder' and 6 'I notice' sentences. 

Hidden house

Maths Task

Maths 28.4.20


For today’s task, we’d like you to do some research on a very famous person in the world of fossils named Mary Anning. To guide your research, we’d like you to particularly find out…

  1. What was Mary Anning’s hobby?
  2. What did she discover?
  3. When was she alive?
  4. Where did she live?
  5. How did she change science?

Here are some websites to help you - the first is a film clip which is particularly useful!

Record your findings as you wish (a spider diagram, simple notes, as a poster).

Extra Science!!!

Do you remember the science experiment we did with flowers a couple weeks ago? Watch the clip below to find out what happened. Add on the results to the write up of the experiment you did.

Story Time

Hope you enjoy chapter 9! I love this book!

Matilda - chapter 11 BRUCEY.


We hope you had a lovely weekend year 3! Here we begin another week of home learning. We're missing you all an awful lot but have been so impressed with your determination and resilience to complete the tasks we've set you. We know it can be hard at home when there are a lot of distractions. Keep sending your work in - it really does put smiles on our faces.

English Task

To start off your English work this week we are going to focus on some handwriting. We would usually do some handwriting each day at school and we have been working hard on joining our letters so you must keep this up! Open the link below and then copy out each join 3 times in your neatest writing. When you have completed that, copy out the 6 sentences. There are deliberate punctuation and spelling mistakes for you to correct too.

Here are your spellings. You should know if you usually do group 1 or group 2. Learn these over the course of the week ready for someone at home to test you on Friday.

Group 1 - that, called, made, don't, make, night, these, more, where, week

Group 2 -actual, appear, arrive, breath, breathe, build, busy, caught, certain, continue


Maths Task

I have answered the last two STRETCHs in this video.

Maths 27.4.20


This week we are going to continue our learning on rocks. We’re going to begin by looking at fossils (one of my favourite topics)! For your very first lesson, we’d like you to become a little more familiar with fossils by reading this information text and answering the questions on it. Read it twice if you need to and read the questions carefully!


Story Time

Chapter 8 - Gangsta Granny



It's Friday everyone! We hope you've enjoyed this week's learning. We've been so impressed with the amount of you sending us your fantastic work, it really puts a smile on our faces. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend :) Here are your bits and pieces for today...I

English Task

For your last lesson on the animation 'Party Cloudy' I would like you to write a letter. You need to write a resignation letter from Peck to Gus. If you resign it means that you don't want to, or can't work there any longer. Think of at least two reason why Peck might not want to work for him any longer. Attached are some ideas to help you with you planning. I look forward to seeing your letters!


Maths Task



Take a look at some of these great rock posters from yesterday...


This will be your last lesson on different types of rocks. We’d like you to create a quiz with an answer sheet attached too. In this quiz, you could ask questions about appearance, characteristics and uses of the different rocks or whether they are man-made or human made. Over the weekend, we will choose some of the best and pop them on the website on Monday for you to try at home.

Here are the answers to the ‘guess my rock’ quiz also.

Rock 1 – Sandstone

Rock 2 – Granite

Rock 3 - Chalk

Rock 4 – Slate


We thought we’d give you something fun to end our week. Take a look at this famous mountain in South Dakota, America. These are 4 famous American presidents who’s faces have been carved into the granite stone in the cliffs.


Can you draw your very own version of Mount Rushmore? For example, ours could be called ‘Mount Steer’, ‘Peak Crocock’ and ‘Pringle Hill’ and would include our families faces. We’d love to see your own examples!

Story Time

Gangsta Granny - Chapter 7

Matilda - chapter 10



Good morning and welcome to your home learning for Thursday!

English Task

Watch the clip below which will explain your English task for today.

Maths Task

Maths 23.4.20


As mentioned yesterday, your science task today is to complete your information poster on the 3 different rock types. We cannot wait to see what you have achieved and would love to share some of them in this week’s newsletter.

For a bit of fun though, I have created a ‘Guess my Rock’ quiz. Enjoy it, the answers will be posted tomorrow.


On your daily walk, see if you can find a stone/rock to bring home. Once you’re home, you can firstly have a go at trying to work out what type of rock it is by looking at its features. Then, carefully observe it and have a go drawing it. Think about where is it lighter/darker and where the shadow falls onto it. Use your pencil softly and hard to create different effects. This clip may help…

Story Time

Here’s chapter 6 of Gangsta Granny for you :) 


Happy Wednesday year 3! The days are starting to wizz by now! Keep going with your home learning tasks and don't forget to use Sparx, Bug Club and Mathletics.

English Task

Today I would like you to write some sentences about the characters from the animation. You can describe how they feel, what they are doing or what they look like. You need to think really carefully about each sentence to make it detailed and precise. Think about the adjectives and verbs that you use. Also, open the adverbs sheet attached below and try and include an adverb in each sentence. You need to write 6 sentences using your neatest joined up handwriting!

Here is an example.........

From high up on his fluffy grey cloud, Gus looked around nervously waiting for his best friend Peck to finally return to him.


Maths Task

Maths 22.4.20


Watch the clips below. Here, I explain the 3 different types of rocks and what their characteristics are…

Vid 1 9:25am: 
Vid 2: 9:35am: 
Vid 3 9:41am: 

For your task, we’d like you to start to create an information poster about the 3 different rock types, their characteristics and what rocks fall into these groups. This will be your task for tomorrow too, so you only need to complete half the poster today. Here are a few bits to help you along your way…

Poster help


Listen to this piece of music again…

Next, look at the three images below. Which image best suits the piece of music you’ve listened to? Why? What do you imagine happening in music? Does this link to any of the pictures?

Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3



Good morning everyone! Here is your home learning for today. Keep up the good work and don't forget to email your teacher to show or tell us what you have done today.

English Task

I hope you enjoyed the short film from yesterday. Today you need to answer some comprehension questions about the film. Open the questions document below. You can print it out or just write the answers onto paper at home. You may need to watch the film again to be able to answer the questions properly.


Maths Task

Watch the video...

Then have a go yourself.

Maths 21.4.20

P.S. I realise that I had asked you to make a number line for eighths forgetting that you did similar yesterday so I have changed it to tenths.


For your next lesson on rocks, we’d like you to think about natural rocks and man-made rocks. Attached below is a document with a table on and 12 different rocks. We’d like you to sort the rocks into those that you think are natural and those that are man-made. Think about their appearance. Do they look like a machine has shaped them? Have you heard of them before? Do you know of any that are in/around your home? Be careful not to reveal the answers too soon, as they're on the same document at the bottom!

Natural and Man-made rocks

Once you’ve done this, have a quick glance at our knowledge organiser. From the questions that you sent us yesterday, this is some of the exciting new knowledge that you will have gained by the end of this unit.

Rocks Knowledge Organiser


We’d like you to find the sheet you used yesterday where you took your pencil on a journey. This time, listen to the piece of music again ( and follow your journey. Pause the music every 30 seconds and think about how you feel at that point of the music. Write it down on your sheet at the point in the journey you’re at. Take a look at mine...

Taking your pencil for a walk - emotions

I’ve also attached a list of emotions that may help you with the language.


Story time

We had a few requests to continue reading Gangsta Granny, so here’s your next installment…

Matilda chapter 9...


Hello lovely Year 3s and welcome to a brand new week on online learning. We've got some exciting lessons planned for you this week, we really hope you'd enjoy them. Please send us whatever work you complete or if this isn't possible, write an email to us to tell us about your learning.

English Task

For your English work this week we will be using the short animation 'Partly Cloudy'. Watch it through carefully, (you may need to watch it more than once). Then I would like you to write a summary of the film. Remember, a summary is when you explain what happened in your own words. You don't need to include every single part in the film, you just need to 'sum up' the main bits. The grey cloud is called Gus and his stork is called Peck. Here are are a few sentences to get you started.......

Storks were flying through the clouds with cloths in their beaks delivering cute babies to animals and humans. The storks each return to pink fluffy cloud creatures in the sky. The clouds make the babies using magic lightening flashes. One cloud, called Gus is a grey colour and looks around nervously.

Maths Task

Here is your maths for today, as always, don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

Watch the video...

Then have a go yourself.

Please don't forget your Sparx homework! Last week we had a dip in the number of you completing it.

Maths 20.4.20

Other Curriculum Task


Over the next 2 weeks, we are going to be focussing on rocks and soils! This topic is full of learning that will interest and excite you - we really hope you enjoy it.

For your first task, we'd like you to complete these activities:

1. Click on the document below and look at the 3 pictures. What do you think they are? Do you know anything about them? Do the people you live with have any thoughts? Surround the pictures with your ideas - there's no right or wrong answer.

Lesson 1 - Rocks and Soils discussion

2. Then, have a look at the table below the pictures. We'd like to find out what you already know about rocks/soils, what your parents/carers/siblings know (you could also ring relatives and ask them too...) and finally what you'd like to find out about rocks/soils. This last column is important, as it will give us an idea about what you'd like to learn about over the coming weeks :)


For your music this week, copy and paste this this website into your browser... 

Listen to this piece of music. Then, listen to it again but with a pencil and paper, take your pencil on a journey on your paper whilst listening to the music. Let the music guide what you do with your pencil. Once the music has finished, look at what you have drawn. Can you remember what parts represented the different sections of the music? This is great fun to do with someone else, as they may draw something completely different! Take a look at my pencil journey...

Pencil Journey



Something for the weekend...

Have you seen the virtual joke book that the staff have created to make you laugh? We hope you enjoy it.


Good morning Year 3s. We hope you made the most of the sunshine yesterday, as unfortunately it's supposed to rain today! Here is your learning to keep you busy...

English Task

Some super predictions for Gangsta Granny chapter 4 yesterday. Here it is, were you right?

For your task today, I'd like you to work on the skill of inference. With this, you need to use the text to help you answer questions which may be a little more hidden. Often with inference, you need to use your own thoughts and evidence from the text to give an answer, as it can often not be very apparent in the text. Give these questions a go, again, there is a copy of the text...


Gangsta Granny Chapter 4

Maths Task

Sorry guys the video cut off a bit early at the end. Let me know if you have any questions!
Miss Pringle 

Maths 17.4.20

Other Curriculum Task

We hope you enjoyed the cartoon workshop yesterday. Did anyone in your family join in with you? If they didn't, ask them to do it with you today! This time you are going to be taken through how to draw simple cartoon animals. Once you have had a good go at the animals on the video, we would like you to draw you own cartoon strip. It could just be three boxes or as many as you like to tell a simple cartoon story. For example, it could be a cat knocking over a vase, or a baby throwing their food at it's parents...... Use your brilliant imaginations! We look forward to seeing them! 

Story time

Miss Pringle reads Matilda chapter 8.


Happy Thursday Year 3s, this is what we have lined up for you today...

English Task

Today we are looking at chapter 3 of Gangsta Granny. I hope you didn't find the language task too tricky yesterday. It's important to be able to answer a range of questions about texts, and understanding/talking about the meaning of words is a big part of that! Today we are going to look at prediction. This is where you give ideas about what could happen in the text and use evidence to support you.

Firstly, listen to this reading of Chapter 3...

Then, have a go at the prediction task below, again I have attached a copy of the text too!



Maths Task

Maths 16.4.20

Other Curriculum Task

For your task today we would like you to do some art work. Anyone in your family can join in with this today! Watch the tutorials from the artist Pete McKee. He will talk you through step by step how to draw simple but effective cartoon characters. There are 3 short videos to watch and complete today. We will move onto drawing the animals tomorrow.  All you need is some scrap paper and a pencil. I look forward to seeing some of your sketches!


Good morning year 3. Thank you to all of those who got in touch with us yesterday to show us what you had done on your first day back of home learning. We really do love hearing from you so keep at it! 

English Task

Today we are looking at chapter 2 of Gangsta Granny. Thank you to all those who emailed and said they enjoyed yesterday's task, today's is slightly different. Firstly, listen to these two clips of chapter 2...

Once you have listened to this, have a go at answering some of the language based questions below. Like yesterday, I have popped a pdf of the text up - just in case you wanted to read it yourself... Enjoy :) 



Maths Task

Watch the video below and then click this link for your maths work today! If you don't have a printer, you can copy the work onto a piece of paper.

Maths 15.4.20

Other Curriculum Task

Watch the video below and then write up the science experiment by either copying out the attached sheet or printing it and writing your ideas onto it.


Story time!

Miss Pringle reads Matilda chapter 7.


Hello Year 3s! We hope you've had a fun and safe Easter break. We've all had a wonderful couple of weeks in the sunshine with our families and are now looking forward to seeing some more of your awesome home learning. Don't forget, if anything is ever unclear, email your teacher right away and we'll get back to you. Also, we really love to see the work you're producing, so please email it over (alongside anything else you'd like to share with us). 

English Task

For the next 4 days, we are going to be focussing on our reading and skills that we need to answer questions on given texts. We are going to use the book Gangsta Granny, as I love this book and think you will too. To begin with, watch these two clips where you can listen to me reading Chapter 1 to you...

Once you have listened to this, have a go at answering the comprehension questions below. I have also attached a copy of the chapter, in case you wanted to read it yourself..



Tune in tomorrow for Chapter 2!

Here are your spellings for this week (homophones) :

meet, meat, hear, here, knot, not, there, their, they're, break, brake

Parents - please encourage children to use the spellings correctly in sentences too. 

Maths Task

Maths 14.4.20

Other Curriculum Task

Today you need to log onto Purple Mash and go to the 2Do section. From there open up the blank web page. You need to design a web page that gives ideas and advice about what children could do at home to keep busy if they aren't allowed to go to school or visit anywhere. You could include useful websites and images as well as your written ideas. Make it eye catching by changing the colour and size of the font too. 


We hope you've enjoyed the sunshine today Year 3s! According to the forecast, we only have one more day of this blissful sunshine - so make the most of it!

English Task

Your final English task will be to create your own Kenning poem. I'd like you to use the Kennings you created yesterday (those that you converted from verbs to nouns) and put a poem together using these. I've just made up one of my own for a dog called Pepsi...

Pepsi, he's a...
Spotty starer
Puppy carer
Spaghetti sniffer
Puddle paddler
Angry digger
Pool jumper
TV watcher
Eager catcher
Mummy cuddler 
Cat chaser
Meat eater
Friendly meeter

Can you see how I've tried to use some alliteration (where my words begin with the same letter - spotty/starer) and some rhyme too (eater and meeter). I challenge you to create your own Kenning with some of these features. You can write it up and send it to us, or you can record yourself performing it, like you did Posy.

We can't wait to see what you can come up with :)

Spelling test - Parents/carers, can you test your child on this week's spellings and send their results to us? Here they are as a reminder...











Maths Task

Mental maths test, follow this link:

Maths 27.3.20

Other Curriculum Task

For your task today, you need to think back to the work that you did with Mr Upston about First Aid. Go through each of the sheets and talk to someone at home about what you would do. Don't worry if you don't have a printer, you can draw your own diagrams with captions. You could also act out what you could do with someone in your family. Try using a tea towel to bandage a teddy too! 

Looking for signs

Into Action

Getting Help

Story time!

Miss Pringle (and Simi) read Matilda chapter 6. 


Hello lovely Year 3s. We hope you're enjoying the lovely weather, as well as the tasks that we have been sending your way. Thank you so much to those who have sent us your hard work - we've loved having a look. If you haven't already, check out Jashan's poetry performance on our facebook page..

English Task

We're going to continue our work on Kennings by looking at some grammar! Please watch the clip below...

Record your work however you'd like but remember to keep hold of it, as you'll need it for your final Kenning task on Friday :) Don't forget your spellings - scroll down to Monday's task if you can't remember them.

Maths Task

Maths task 26.3.20

Other Curriculum Task

For your task today you need to log onto Purple Mash. If you haven't received your password in the post then you can email your teacher and they will send it to you. Go to '2dos' on the top tool bar. In there you will see a coding task called 'Vehicles'. Work through the instructions it gives to you and save it when you have finished.


Happy Wednesday Year 3! Again, a big thank you to those who have sent us your work. If you're not able to send us pictures of what you have done, a quick email to tell us how you're getting on would be great - we'd love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy today's learning. 

English Task

Today's Kenning task is inspired by Liam in year 6! You may have seen Liam on the Facebook page re-telling a poem that his class are currently studying for their home-learning. I'd love us to do the same for Posy. I've attached the poem again and your task is to perform the poem using actions. Of course, you don't need to learn the whole poem, you can read it from your screen/paper as you perform. You could also use some props/objects to help you as you go. It'd be super if we could get some of your performances on Facebook too. If you're not able to send me a clip, you could draw some pictures of what actions you used for the verses, or just tell me about some of your performance. Try to get your family members involved too! Happy poetry performing.... :)


Maths task

Year 3 maths 25.3.20

Other Curriculum Task

It was such a shame that we weren’t able to go on our trip the River Otter a few weeks ago, but Devon Wildlife Trust have a great website where you can learn all about the beaver project. Follow the link to the website and read the section ‘About the project’ and watch the short film.  Also read the ‘Hoping to see a beaver?’ section so that you can answer the following questions. Have a go at sketching a picture of a beaver too!

1. When were beavers first spotted on the river?

2. What are baby beavers called?

3. At what time of day are you most likely to see a beaver?

4. How can they detect dogs?

5. What should you look out for if you spot a beaver?

Story time!

3P have been reading Matilda and I don't want you guys to miss out so here's chapter 5...


Good morning Year 3! It was fantastic to see so much of your learning sent to us yesterday. We hope that you enjoy your activities for today. Let us know if you have any questions :-)

English Task

For your second lesson on Kennings, we’d like you to do a matching/sorting activity. On the PDF below, there are 3 pictures and a range of Kennings that could match the pictures. Your task is to match the Kennings to pictures. You can either print the PDF and cut/sort the task or if you can’t, write your answers down on a piece of paper. As a stretch, you can have a think about some other Kennings that may match these pictures too. We’d especially love to hear your thoughts on what Kennings can be used to describe a teacher… (be nice!!)


Maths Task

Maths task 24.3.20

Other Curriculum Task 

Yesterday you were asked to write about what a plant needs to grow well. Today your task is to explain the different parts of a plant and their function (how they work).

Watch the clips on BBC Bitesize to remind you about plants. Then draw another plant (make it different from yesterday) and label and explain what each part of the plant does to keep it alive.


Hello Year 3s! Welcome to your first day of home learning. We all really hope you enjoy the activities we have set and you don't find it too difficult to attempt at home. Don't forget, we're always an email away in case you're struggling to understand something. Please send over your work at the end of the day, we'd love to see how you've done. If you've done it on paper and cannot send it via email, a short message to tell us how you've got on will be great as well. Happy Monday everyone, stay safe and positive!

English Task

For this week, we are going to start looking at Kenning poems. These are lovely poems that are often written to describe something (without actually telling the person what it is). Our core text is Posy and below you will find a link of myself (Mrs Steer) reading it to you.

Watch this clip as many times as you'd like (I know you'll be watching the cat the whole way through the first time you watch it - that's Juno, by the way). 

For your task, we'd like you to discuss the poem with someone in your family (or just think about it by yourself if everyone is busy). Here is an attachment which gives some sentence starters to get you thinking about the poem, as well as a copy of the poem itself. You can present your responses in anyway you like (simply written like the red examples shown, in an artistic way or anything else - be imaginative if you like). Please send them to your teachers at the end of the day. Enjoy!

Posy discussion

Posy text

As well as this, here are your spellings to practise over the week - I'll be asking the adults at home to test you on Friday :) 












Maths Task

Maths 23.3.20

Other Curriculum Task

For your science work today, we would like you to think about our work on plants. Think back to what a plant needs to be able to grow well. There are 5 key ones to list. Draw a plant of your choice in the centre of your page and colour it neatly. Then write and label what it needs to grow well.