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It's the last day of half term! If you haven't already sent your teacher any of your work from this week then please do! We'd love to see it before the end of the day.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of today's learning to see a little message from Miss Pringle and a Goodbye from Mrs Steer.

English Task

English 22.5.20

Here's the link for chapter 4 Fantastic Mr Fox chapter 4

Maths Task

Here's your final investigation of the week..

Make 37


Today is your last day learning about Ancient Egypt. I hope you have enjoyed this topic. First, watch this video as a quick reminder of the areas we have looked at. Then I would like you to be as artistic as possible and design a poster with drawings, paintings, collage etc to show the different aspects of Ancient Egyptian times. Some things you could include are pyramids, Hieroglyphics, River Nile, Gods, tombs and Tutankhamen. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

The last 3 chapters of Beth on the Nile are now on Purple Mash along with the questions for you to finish today or over half term.


Matilda - chapter 18


I would like to introduce you to my son Elijah Jay. My partner gave birth to him on Tuesday 19th May! 

Miss Pringle x

Miss Pringle's baby