Year 3 Archive


Final Friday of school!  Today's theme is Picnic  and we would love to see photos of you all having a picnic, at home or in your local park. 

We are truly proud of all of you this year. It isn't what we all expected when we started the year and we know it has been tough at home trying to learn. Well done for all you have achieved. We can't wait to see your faces in September.


English Task 

Today’s theme is picnics and so I’ve picked an extract from a book where they go on a picnic. Theres an extract below to watch from “Daisy and the trouble with Maggots” by Kes Gray. Daisy goes for a picnic and a fishing trip with her uncle and gets in to all sorts of trouble!

As you listen to today’s extract or a afterwards if you’d prefer to focus on listening, I would like you to create a poster about reading and what you like about reading and why you think it’s good. If you make some really good ones we might even display them in our reading corners for the new year 3’s!

Maths Task 

Watch the video about lines of symmetry and then either print out the sheet or draw capital letters to find out which have lines of symmetry. Then go onto your 2Dos on Purple Mash (Reflections) to make your own symmetrical patterns.


Other Task 

It’s the end of the school year!  It’s been a very strange year for everybody and lockdown has meant that you have spent almost half of your year 3 learning at home.  Nobody could have guessed this would happen.  We are so proud of you all and all the learning you have done this year.  It would be easy to only remember the fact that you missed half of the year and that it has been hard in lockdown. BUT that would be a disservice to all the fun and great things you did do before lockdown and infact during lockdown.


So today I would like you to take some time to reflect over the year, think about what have you done during year 3 and what has been good about it.

To help you do this I’d like you first to just listen to this short audio meditation that will help you calm down, clear your mind and stop.

Then I’d like you think back over the year, think about that first day in year 3, coming in to class and meeting your teachers and then think about any highlights from the year. See if you can write down a list of 5 things from year 3 that you are glad happened/that you are proud of. Maybe you went on a good trip, maybe your maths really improved or you made a new friend?  Then I’d like you think about coming back to school, what would you like to do in year 4? Can you write down 2 things that you want to achieve in year 4.






Good Morning! I LOVE your photos of disguises  from the other day, it was fantastic to start work yesterday afternoon and see how well you had joined in with one of the tasks we had set you. Two more days of home learning and then you have officially finished year 3! Woweee 

So let's see what we have in store for you today!

English task 

The Twits is a very funny but also disgusting book! Mr and Mrs Twit love to play tricks on each other. Listen to this extract from the book. It is one of my favourite chapters from the book entitled Wormy Spaghetti.

Today I want you to create your own disgusting Twits Menu. Use your imagination to come up with some disgusting dishes and draw and write up your menu on a piece of paper. Here is an example below:

twits menu

Maths Task

To start with today, I would like you to play a game where you use a calendar. With this game you keep going until you get one wrong. Keep trying until you get at least 10 in a row! What will be your highest score? Let your teacher know.

After that, use a calendar to help answer these question. There is a link to an online calendar if you haven’t got one at home.

1. If you officially break up on Friday 17th July and come back to school on Thursday 3rd September, how many days holiday will you have?

2. How many days are there until your birthday?

3. How many days are there until Christmas day?

4. How many Saturdays are there in August?

5. How many full weekends are there in July?

6. How many days are in February?

Other curriculum task

Tomorrow’s final Friday theme is Picnic! We’d love you to have a picnic, like we would normally do at the end of the school year together.  So your other task today is to bake something with a grown up ready to eat tomorrow at the picnic. If you are struggling for ideas there are lots of great ideas in the community cookbook:


Hello everyone. Hope you had a good day yesterday. Thank you to the children who sent in a photo of themselves in disguise. They were brilliant, any idea who these mystery children are???


English Task

Flying Fergus is a fantastic set of books written by Sir Chris Hoy (an Olympic cyclist!) and illustrated by a lovely lady called Clare Elsom (she lives in Exeter!) I’d like you to read the first chapter of the first book here:

Chapter PDF


Later on in the book Fergus discovers that if he pedals backwards really fast he can transport himself to a land called Nevermore. Click on the attachment below to see what I would like you to do today.


Nevermore PDF

Maths Task

Science Task

Listen and read the information on this web page about the environment. Then complete the activity and quiz. Make a list of things that you and your family do to help the environment. Maybe there is something that you would like to do in the future. What about at school? How do we try and help the environment?


Good morning. He hope that you enjoyed your tasks from yesterday and that you are ready for another day of Home Learning. Here are your tasks today..........

English Task

Listen to this extract from Ottoline and the Yellow cat by Chris Riddell


Ottoline loves to dress up in disguise and head off to solve mysteries. Today I’d love you to try and find yourself a disguise and dress up. Send us a photo and see if we can recognise you.

There is also some fun Ottoline activities to do here:


Maths Task

Listen to the video to find out how to play the game. You can use this link to the virtual cards if you haven't got any at home.

PE Task

Today I would like you to complete these movements. As before, click on the link and login using the following details:

User name:

Password: whiptonbar

There are 3 levels. Start with Tricky. Click on the round blue camera button to watch a video of how to complete the movement. Move onto the next 2 levels when you are done. Good luck!


Good morning everyone. We hope you had a good weekend and that you are ready for your last week of Home Learning! Make a big effort to get these tasks completed this week and then you will truly deserve your summer holidays. Here's what we would like you to do today....

English Task

It's the last whole school English task today. Click on the link below to find out what you need to get up to today: 


Maths Task

To start with today, answer these calculations as quickly as you can. Try and do them mentally (in your head) if you can, but if you need to, you can write some jottings to help you.


Then you will need to go onto Purple Mash and your 2Do tab. There are 2 different quizzes for you to complete today. They are timed activities so use the mental skills that we have been working on recently to solve them quickly.

Other Task

Today I would like you to click on the link below to the BBC Newsround site.

Here you will be able to watch the latest Newsround and also view many other interesting articles/videos. Scroll down to look at the different titles and find at least 3 that you would like to read/watch. When you have read them, tell someone in your house what the articles were about in your own words. Are there any that you would like to research further? 


Friday again! We've only got one more week left of school this year! Lockdown feels like it has gone very slowly but it still also feels like this school year has flown by. Please do send us some photos or an email to say hello if you haven't so far this week. We hope you have good weekends.

Don't forget, the theme for today is 'Rainbow Colours' so dress yourself as brightly as you can and send us a photo!

How Many Colours in a Rainbow? - Ayresome Primary School

English Task

One of my favourite books that I read as a child was The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.  Books that we read and love stay with us for a very long time!  I love the characters and sense of magic and mystery in the books. Here is a link to the first chapter being read outloud.

Once you’ve listened to the book I’d like you to have a think about a book you have read this year. Then I’d like you to write a review of the book. Use the questions on the attachment below to help you.



Maths Task

See how speedy you can be using Hit the Button for your number bonds today!

Art Task

Today's theme is Rainbows. We’d love you to create a rainbow picture, you could use paints/crafts/tissue paper/ crayons… whatever you have at home! Get creative!



Hello Year 3! How is your week going? We hope you are all doing well!   I'm looking forward to looking over your English tasks from this week and seeing how creative you have been with them. 

English and Art Task 

Today I am combining your English and Art Tasks!!

 I’d like you to listen to chapters 1-5 of the 13 storey treehouse:

Terri and Andy’s treehouse is full of exciting levels. I would like you to design and make a model of your very own treehouse. You can use recycling to junk model or use paper/card and supplies you already have at home.


You will be playing the same game as yesterday, but this time starting at 100 and working back to zero. Play twice to see how many jumps it took to get there. Can you land on zero exactly?

You can use this interactive dice if you don't have any at home.


Good morning and welcome to Wednesday! Well done to those who completed the English task yesterday. It was great to hear so many completely different endings to the story. I hope that you are getting super speedy with your doubles and halves now. Here's what you need to do today.

English Task

Jeff Kinney is an author who writes very funny stories.

Watch this video to hear him talk about some tools he uses to help make his stories funny:


Now have a read of this extract from one of his books:


Now I’d love you to think of something that has happened during lockdown, it might be something funny or something that isn’t funny but that could be made funny by the way you tell the story. So have you managed to trick a sibling or your parents, have you lost a pet and found it in a funny place? Once you’ve thought of your story I’d like you to turn it into a short comic strip.

I’ve included a template here but don’t worry if you can’t print it out, it’s quite simple to draw your own out.



Maths Task

Start at zero and then roll 2 dice (or use the virtual ones) and add the 2 numbers together. Add these in a running total until you reach 100. How many jumps did it take to get to 100? Did you land on 100 exactly? 

Try again and see if you can get there in less steps or compete against someone else in your house.

P.E. Task

Today I would like you to have a go at some balances. Click onto the Jasmine link below and log in using the following login and password. Start on the tricky one and click on the blue camera icon to watch a video. Move onto the trickier and finally trickiest (I couldn't do any of these!) If you have got someone to play with at home, then have a go at the Mirror Mirror game. Good Luck!


password   whiptonbar


Good morning, we hope you had a good day yesterday.

Just to get your brain going this morning, how many different words can you make using these letters?

Whipton Barton Federation

Can you get more than 5? 

Here is what we have got in store for you today.

English Task

Over the next couple of weeks before the holidays we will be focusing on reading/listening to extracts from stories and then doing an activity based on the text that you have read or heard. Reading is REALLY important and we would love for you to get into some good habits of reading everyday over the holidays.

So today I would like you to listen to Chapters 1 and 2 of  the “nothing to see here” book on the below website and then I would like you to take a guess about what you think is going to happen next in the book. There are no right or wrong answers, it is your imagination! You can either write a paragraph or draw a picture to show what you think will happen in the story.

Maths Task

Other Task

I hope that your enjoyed your English task yesterday where you had to create your own imaginary recipe for a biscuit. That got me thinking.........

Your task today is in your 2Dos section on Purple Mash. It is called 'Witch Meals'. You need to create a menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for a witch. Use the pictures and write some detailed descriptions. Try to make it as disgusting as possible! I am looking forward to seeing them, or am I???


How was your weekend? We hope you had lots of fun. 

Thank you for your theme day photos, if any of you have photos of you building something then do send them in we would love to see them. 


English task 

Today the whole school is going to be doing the same English task! Look at the attached PDF to tell you what to do. 


Maths Task

Other Task

The RNLI were hoping to visit schools this term but haven't been able to so they have sent out lots of guidance for children to be aware of when they are near any type of open water. Here is the last of their posters to spot the dangers. Write down or talk to an adult about the dangers that you can see. The answers are below for you to check afterwards. When you have finished, why not create a poster of your own about how to stay safe at the beach.




Good Morning year 3 and welcome to another Theme Friday. Today's theme is build something so do send us photos of anything you manage to build! 

Lots of you have been in touch this week to share learning and tell us what you've been up to. Thank you, we love hearing from you and we are all missing you a lot! 


English Task 

Today’s theme is “Build something” so today I wanted to share with you a story that is one of my daughter’s favourite books. It’s about a little girl who has to persevere and be determined to invent and build something. Here is a link to a website where you can read the book:


Once you are done reading the book, click the link below to learn how to make your own paper aeroplane. The PDF tells you to print the page but you don’t need to do that, just use a blank piece of paper and decorate your plane yourself. How far can you make it fly?


There’s also a fun word search based on the book here:

Maths Task



Art Task 

As today’s theme is to build something, we’d love you to design a den or a house or invent something (just like Rosie did in this morning’s story) and then build it. You could build it from lego or building blocks, or use blankets and chairs. Use your imagination and send us photos of what you made!


Wow it's July already!  We hope you are all keeping safe and having fun at home. Do send us any photos of your learning, but also any fun things you are getting up to. We miss you all! 

Don't forget that the theme day on Friday is 'Build Something' so get your thinking caps on for tomorrow.

English Task 

I have a friend called Tom who writes and illustrates children's books. His books are very funny and very good!  For your English today I’d like you to follow the draw along video below where he shows you how to draw a character from one of his books and then listen to the extract that he reads from his book “The Accidental Prime Minister”

Maths Task 

Today I would like you to focus on your times tables. Only a few children have been using Sparx over this period so I would like you all to do 15 minutes on this today. Then you can play this times tables game with someone at home. Open the document below. If you don't have a printer you will need to copy the numbers onto paper. (You don't have to do all of them for game 2, you could make the grid 5 numbers by 5 numbers instead). There is a link for an online dice if you don't have one at home.

There are 3 different levels. I think you could all play number 1 and 2. Number 3 is more of a challenge! Good luck, I hope you beat your adults at home!!!

Dice game

Art task 

Today I’d like you watch this story so you can learn about an artist called Matisse.

Then you can follow this link to find out a bit more about him:

I’d like you to create your own collage that shows something from nature, it can be an animal or insect, a flower or river. You can use card/paper from the recycling.  Have a think about the outside and pick something you love:


Here's some photos of ones my children have created at home. 

nora 1theanora



Good morning, thank you for those who sent your work through to us yesterday, we saw some great pictures of your favourite animals. 

Here are the answers for the anagrams from Monday. Have a good day!


Skateboard   basement         word finder - elbow

English Task

Here is a video of Tom Fletcher reading an extract from his book called The Creakers. 


Now you’ve listened to the story, can you imagine what life would be like with no grown ups around?  I’d like you to think about the Positive (the good things), the minus (the negative or bad things), and the interesting things ( these aren’t positive or negative but are more thoughts and questions you might have.) Use the grid below to list the ideas down.



Maths Task


Science Task

Remind yourself of the eat well plate below, then go onto Purple Mash. There are two activities for you to have a go at today related to food groups.



Hello year 3.  We hope you've had a great nights sleep and are super ready to learn this morning. 

To make your sure you are ready to go why not do 10 star jumps, 10 pushups and try and pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time for 20 seconds? 

English Task

Today I would like you to read the extract in the first pdf below. It is from a book called Evie in the jungle and it is written by an author called Matt Haig. I LOVE this series of books and so thought you might too.

Once you have read the extract, you could have a chat with a grown up about the questions underneath if you like and then I’d like you complete the activity underneath of drawing or painting a picture of your favourite animal.



Maths Task


Science Task

Today we are going to remind ourselves about how to classify animals. Read through and complete the activities on the BBC site. Then draw and label one animal that would be classified as a vertebrate and one animal that is an invertebrate.


Good morning everyone, hope you have had a good weekend. Our 30 Days Wild activity is almost over now, why not have a look to see what the activity is for today?

Here is an anagram to get your brains going this morning. Try and find the hidden word in these jumbled up letter. We'll show you the answer tomorrow!


English Task

Each week on a Monday there will be a task that is the same for the whole school. Click on the link below to find out what today's task is. 


Maths Task


RNLI Safety Task

We have another 'Spot the Dangers' poster to look at today. The RNLI do such a good job of looking after people near the water, but it is so important that we know the dangers of being close to any type of water, the sea, estuary, lakes, rivers, canals etc. Look carefully at the poster and write down and talk about all the dangers that you can see. When you have finished, check your answers on the sheet below.





Good morning, it's Friday and 'Good to be Me' Day. Why not send in a photo of you doing something you really enjoy? It could be you playing with your Lego, Barbies, painting, drawing, dancing, trampolining, scooting, dressing up.............whatever you want! We look forward to seeing your pictures.

English Task

We believe that you are all truly awesome. So for your English task today we would like you to write a description of yourself, telling us why you are so awesome. You could tell us what you look like, what you are good at, what qualities or personality traits you have (ie are you a good friend? Are you generous, kind, supportive? Do you help others out, are you good at sharing?) and what talents you have.

So for example I would write: 

My name is Mrs Walker. I have long brown curly hair that sometimes is a bit crazy.  I love to bake and share the treats that I make with my friends and family. I am generous. I care about children and making sure all children get to have a good education. I love to see my friends, I think I am good at listening to them and I am good and helping them out when they get stuck.  I love to laugh with my 3 girls and I am an excellent tickle monster! 


Maths Task

You don't need to copy out the whole sheet, just write a calculation to match the picture and then solve it.

Times and divide problems

Art Task

To continue our theme day learning today I’d like you to draw a self portrait of yourself. Follow the link below to another Rob Biddulph tutorial on how to draw a cartoon version of you!


Something to get you going on this Thursday morning, can you say this tongue twister 3 times as quickly as possible?

Cheese Trees

Through three cheese trees three free fleas flew

While these fleas flew, freezy breeze blew

Freezy breeze made these three trees freeze

Freezy trees made these trees’ cheese freeze

That’s what made these three free fleas sneeze

English Task


Today I want you to watch this video and create a poem as directed in the video.


Maths Task

Choose the division problems that you want to work on today 3s, 4s or 6s or all of them! Challenge yourself!

division 3

division 4

division 6

Art Task

We’d love you to have a go at some drawing this afternoon. Rob Biddulph a children’s author and illustrator has been creating online tutorials of how to draw different animals and characters. Try out this one today:


Good morning everyone, it's Wednesday again already! It's going to be a lovely day so get your work done quickly this morning and then you can play in the sunshine!

English Task

Today for your English task we are going to focus on handwriting. We worked so hard when we were at school on joining our letters so we must try and keep it up! To start with, copy out each of these joins neatly once. When you have done this, copy out the sentences below in your neatest joined handwriting. There are capital letters missing so add these in too please.



  1. susan wanted to go to the park.
  2. mrs walker wanted to eat a chocolate ice cream.
  3. whipton Barton school is so quiet without all of the children.
  4. when it is the summer it is nice to go to the beach.

Maths Task

Watch the video and then complete the times tables detective sheet. You don't need a printer, you can just write out the calculations. Some you should be able to do in your head really quickly!

x detective

Science Task 

Can you remember way back in at the start of the spring term we were learning about different foods and healthy eating? Have a look at the different sections of the Eat Well Plate and remind yourself about the different food groups.

Eat well

Next read through and complete the activities on the bbc website. Then on paper draw your your own plate of food that has a healthy amount of these food groups in. Think about the dinners you have at home or at school. For example, you could draw the different foods that make up a roast dinner. Colour and label your picture neatly.


Good morning all. Thank you for sending over your work from yesterday. If you haven't yet, please make sure that you send over your pictures from the English task. Some of the best ones will make it onto the website!

Enjoy your home learning for today!

English Task

Today we are going to do a reading comprehension. Last week we finished reading Gangsta Granny. The author of Gangsta Granny is David Walliams. On the link below there is an information sheet for you to read about David and then some questions to see how well you’ve understood what you have read.



Maths Task

Today we will be looking at factors. You will need to use your times tables knowledge to help you with this today. To start with, watch the short clip from the bbc website. If you want to later, you could use objects like Lego bricks or pieces of pasta to help you work out your answers.,the%20number%20itself%20and%201.



Other Task

The RNLI have asked us to pass on this important message.

'This summer, RNLI Lifeguards can’t be on every beach, meaning a heightened water safety risk to beach goers. They are asking schools to help share some important messages to children and their families.  With the easing of restrictions and the warm summer weather, people are heading to the beaches and coastline to enjoy the sun, sea and time with friends and family.'

We want you to stay safe if you visit any areas with water, so for the next few days we are going to be putting up some activities for you do do regarding water safety.

Look carefully at the picture below and make a list of the possible dangers/hazards that you see. When you think you have finished, check your answers with the answer sheet.




Hello Year 3! How are we nearly at the end of June?  We hope you have had a restful weekend and are all ready for another week of learning at home. 


For today's English the whole school has been set the same task. This means that if you've got siblings at home you can all do the same piece of learning at the same time! Please click on the file below to find out what you are going to get up to. 


Maths Task


P.E. Task

Today we are going to do a physical challenge!

P.E. lessons are always a favourite at school so here is an activity that has been adapted to do at home. You can use a room inside or your garden if possible. All of the family can join in with this one! Why not time yourselves too?

To get started, click on the link.

You will need to put in...

username -

Password -    whiptonbar

Then read the instructions. Watch the video (small blue circular symbol near the title) to see how it has been adapted to play at home. Have fun!!


Welcome to backtofront day (see what I did with the date there!)  Thank you so much for joining in with last weeks crazy hair day. Watch the video below to see what everybody got up to.  Please send us photos/videos of what you get up to for backtofront day. If you do send them in we will use them on social media/the school website so do make sure you are happy with that. 


Unfortunately due to a technical mishap, Ruth's picture didn't make the video. Here she is with some seriously crazy hair last week!!


English Task

As it is back to front day today, your English task is to decode this poem. The words are in the right order but they have each been written backwards. Write out the poem correctly and then draw an illustration to match the poem. Good Luck!

You also need to ask someone at home to test you on this weeks spellings. Don't forget to tell your teacher how many you got out of 10.

address, exercise, heart, history, length, minute, naughty, possible, quarter, question

Elttil gorf

I was a elttil gorf

Eh was retuc naht nac eb

Eh saw gnittis no a gol

Dna m’l erus eh dekaorc ta em!

Maths Task

Maths 19.6.20

Computing task

This week we are focusing on computing. Over the week you should have been building up some coding schools by completing the 2do's. Today you will create your own game/programme on the FreeCode 2do. I can't wait to see what you create. 

Story time!

Gangsta Granny, The final chapter! 

Matilda - the final chapter!


Hello year 3! We hope that you're all getting on well and thank you to those of you that have sent us your work. Just a reminder to send it to the following email address:

Here's a morning starter to get your brains warmed up.


English task

Today I would like you to read this text about sharks. Is it fiction or non fiction? Why?

Answer the questions underneath, making sure that you give more than one word answers if it asks you to explain.





1. What allows sharks to be flexible?

2. How many varieties of shark are there?

3. Look at the section headed: Going Back in Time…

 Find and copy a phrase that proves that sharks are older than dinosaurs.

6. Explain why you think sharks are seen as terrifying.

7. Can you do some research of your own about sharks? Do any live in British waters? What does a hammerhead shark look like? Can you draw it?

Maths task

Maths 18.6.20

Computing task

This week we are focusing on computing. We want to make sure that the coding work we did earlier in the year has not been forgotten so we are going to do a week of coding on Purple mash.  Each day you will be set new 2Do's you need to do them each day and then at the end of the week you are going to create your own game. I can't wait to see what you come up with. 

Story time!

So sorry for the lack of Gangsta Granny chapters this week year 3! I had an issue with my videos uploading.Here's two chapters today to make up.



Wednesday already! This week has felt like it has gone very fast so far to me. This week I've helped my daughters learn to ride their bikes and spent lots of time on my allotment. What have you all been up to other than your home learning? We'd love to hear from you so do email us to tell us about your learning and what else you've been up to.

English task

Look at this picture. Talk about these questions with someone at home and then write your thoughts into sentences. You will need to use your imagination to come up with some ideas! Remember to use joined up handwriting. Why not have a go at drawing another dragon? It could be its brother, sister, mum or dad.


  • Where is it from?
  • Why is it so small?
  • Are there more like him?
  • Where does he live?
  • How will you look after it?
  • Will you keep it a secret or tell someone?
  • What is it called?
  • Is it magic?  What magic can it do?

Maths Task

Maths 17.6.20

Computing task

This week we are focusing on computing. We want to make sure that the coding work we did earlier in the year has not been forgotten so we are going to do a week of coding on Purple mash.  Each day you will be set new 2Do's you need to do them each day and then at the end of the week you are going to create your own game. I can't wait to see what you come up with. 

Story time!

So sorry for the lack of Gangsta Granny chapters this week year 3! I had an issue with my videos uploading.Here's two chapters today to make up! 


Good morning Year 3. Well done to those of you who completed the work and sent it in to your teacher yesterday. Keep up the good work. Don't forget to look each day at the 30 Days Wild section on the website. Year 3 have contributed a few of the photos on the bog so far, but Mr Graham would like to see lots more children taking part in the challenges each day. Take a look at the challenge today, it might be fun!

English Task

Today we will be using speech marks. Watch the video for a quick recap on how we use speech punctuation correctly and then write a line of speech for the each characters in the pictures below. 


Maths Task

Maths 16.6.20

Computing task

This week we are focusing on computing. We want to make sure that the coding work we did earlier in the year has not been forgotten so we are going to do a week of coding on Purple mash.  Each day you will be set new 2Do's you need to do them each day and then at the end of the week you are going to create your own game. I can't wait to see what you come up with. 


Good morning everyone, can you believe we are half way through June already! Thank you for all those who joined in with our Crazy Hair day on Friday. We are looking forward to seeing all of the photos once the office staff have put them altogether into a poster. Here are your task for today.

English Task

Here are your spellings for the week. You might have had some of these before as they are taken from the year 3/4 word list, but it is really important that you are confident with these.

address    exercise    heart      history    length   minute  naughty  possible   quarter  question

Today we are going to use these nouns and adjectives to make some sentences. Read the words in the table below and then come up with 5 of your own for each section. Then write 5 sentences using words from the list (and any extras). For example…….

In front of the mysterious cave they was a magical pink unicorn with a beautiful pink mane.

Remember to use capital letters and full stops. You can make your sentences as silly as you like!


















Maths Task

This week, we are doing some work on addition and subtraction! 

Maths 15.6.20

Computing Task

This week we are focusing on computing. We want to make sure that the coding work we did earlier in the year has not been forgotten so we are going to do a week of coding on Purple mash.  Each day you will be set new 2Do's you need to do them each day and then at the end of the week you are going to create your own game. I can't wait to see what you come up with. 


So head over to Purple mash  log in and see what 2do's there are for you today. 

Story time!

Matilda - chapter 20.


Welcome to Crazy hair day!  Send us photos/vidoes of your craziness, we would love to share them with our year group so we can all still feel like we are together while we are apart. 

One more day to the weekend, let's get this learning done! Don't forget to send us some of your learning, if we haven't heard from you by Friday lunch time we will give you a quick call to see how things are going. 

English Task

Today I would like you to write some descriptive sentences linked to our Crazy Hair Day. Look at the different photos below. Choose 4 and imagine that you had to describe these to someone who couldn't see them. Think carefully about the words you choose. If you have crazy hair today too, write a description of that as well!


Don't forget to ask someone to test you on your spelling - the days of the week. Let your teacher know how many you got out of 12.

Maths Task 

Well done for working so hard on angles and shapes. Go through the sheet and do as much as you can. 


Then, get your parent or carer to go through and check your answers.

Link for test:

Link for answers:

Science Task 

Today we are going to have some fun with magnets. Watch my video below to find out what we will be up to and then use the planning sheet beneath the video.

Magnetic game

Story time!

Gangsta Granny



Hello there, it's Thursday! Well done to all of you who sent in their work yesterday. We saw some really good examples of 3D shapes that you have around your homes. Here's what we've got in store for you today.

Here's something to help get your brain moving this morning. Remember there is no right or wrong... it is your opinion, you just have to be able to say WHY you think what you do! 


Thunk image

English Task

Today I would like you to write a dairy entry as if you were one of the meerkats from the film. You will need to write what you did and your thoughts and feelings. Here is an example of how you might start off your writing.


We were all asleep in the burrow when my brother Skip elbowed me in the head when he was stretching. We cautiously stuck our head out into the morning sunshine and couldn't believe what was before our eyes!! The most beautiful, amazing, delicious fruit I have ever seen in my whole life!

Remember to join your handwriting and check your spellings.

Here is the link to the video if you want to watch it again.

Maths Task

Maths 11.6.20

Science Task

Here’s a couple of videos for you to watch again reminding you about Magnets and how they work. Once you’ve watched them fill in the activity sheet below.

Exploring magnets


Good morning everyone. Glad that you have joined us for another day of home learning! You might have seen this already, but here are some of the photos from last Friday's first theme day - Get Creative! This Friday it will be a Crazy Hair theme, so get thinking about what you could do. It would be great if we could have lots of photos on our poster next week.


English Task

In the video we have been using this week there are meerkats and a vulture. Today I would like you to do some research and write some information about one of these animals (or both). You could include things like…….

  • Where they live (habitat)
  • What they eat
  • What they look like
  • Any special skills they have
  • A fun/amazing fact

Think about the layout of your information and make it eye catching for the reader. Include a picture and caption too.

You may want to use this website for your research.

Maths Task

Maths 10.6.20

Science Task

Let’s carry on learning about magnets and what objects might be magnetic. Watch the video I’ve made for you below to see an investigation I’d like you to try out today.


If you haven’t got any magnets at home try out this activity on the bbc website below:


Story Time

Gangsta Granny Chapter 27.


Hello Year 3! Thank you to those of you who have already sent us some of your learning this week. Keep up the hard work guys we are proud of you all.

Here's something fun to get your brains going...

Morning starter

English task

Watch the video below to see how to complete your task today. You will also need to watch the first minute of the film 'Catch It' again. 

Look at the Descriptions sheet or print it off to help you complete the task.


Maths task

Maths 9.6.20

ICT task

Today’s other curriculum task is a computing task. I want us to think a bit about online safety today. Lots of the websites and apps we use require us to have a password. Think about your purple mash or sparx. You have your own password for these, I imagine you do for other online games and activities you spend time on as well.


Passwords are important, but why? Thinking about your Purple Mash account have a think about the following questions:

• What happens if someone logs in with your username and password?

• Why would the teacher still think it was you?

• Why is it important to have a password that no one will know or guess?

• Why is it good to have numbers and characters in your password?

 • Should you use your name, your street, your birthday or your phone number as your password because they are easy to remember?

 • What other things do you use the Internet for, that you might need a password for?


Now head over to Purple Mash where I have set you a 2do to create an online safety poster. If you have forgotten your purple mash log in email the Year3 address and we can help you.


Story time

Gangsta Granny Chapter 


Good morning everyone, here we go again with another week of home learning! You are doing a great job so keep it up!

First though we have some great news, Mrs Steer had her baby last week! Meet Sebastian Bradley David Steer. Isn't he a cutie!


English Task

Here are your spellings for the week. Some our easier than others, but many of you still don’t always get these right!













Watch the short animated film ‘Catch it’.

Answer the following questions about the film. Please write you answers in full sentences.

1. Where do you think this film is set?

2. Does the setting/ story remind you of any other films that you have watched? What is similar?

3. What are the two animals called that feature in this film?

4. What game do you think the animals are playing with the fruit near the end of the film?

5. What do you think could happen next? What clues do they give you?

6. Do you like this animation? Yes/No Explain your reasons why.

Don’t just write ‘because it’s funny’. What is funny about it, when …………

Maths Task

Maths 8.6.20

Science Task

We are carrying on our forces topic this week and learning about Magnets. Magnets are different to the forces we learnt about last week. Last week all the forces we learnt about needed contact between the two objects for them to happen. But Magnets are different they need NO contact between the two objects and can act at a distance.


Here’s a short video for you to watch that explains magnets in a little more detail. Once you’ve watched the video, read the rest of the page and then complete the quiz at the bottom of the webpage.

Story time!

Matilda - chapter 19.



Friday already! We hope you've had a great week and enjoyed your home learning.

Don't forget that today is the first of our Theme Days across the federation. The theme this week is 'Get Creative.' We are encouraging the children at home and at school on Friday to do an activity based around art, drama or music and then to send a photo to their teacher. The photos will then be shared across year groups so that children can see what their friends have been up to. Ideas for this week include: painting or drawing a picture, singing along to your favourite song, making up a dance, putting on a play, designing (or making) a new outfit, drawing your favourite book or TV character - and much more! 

English Task 


You should have been working on the homophone spellings this week. For your test today, I would like you to copy out these sentences adding in the correct spelling of the missing word. Underline the word you have added to make it easier to mark. Remember we have been having a focussed handwriting week so make sure that you join your letters and keep it neat!

1. The price ticket said 50% ___________.

2. Gran and grandad called to say ___________ going to be late.

3. I was looking for the satellite, but I couldn’t ________ it.

4. Mum said I had ______ much sugar on my pancake.

5. On Friday we are going ______ the beach.

6. My brother said I could have 4 ______ his sweets.

7. Sam had __________ slices of cake.

8. “I can see a parking space over __________,” said Bob.

9. The ________ looks too cold for swimming today!

10. The twins had lots of presents on __________ birthday.

Maths Task 


Science Task

Today we are going to complete a Friction Investigation. Remember that on Wednesday we learnt that Friction is a force between two surfaces that are sliding (or trying to) along each other. When there is more friction it is harder for the two things to slide along/move. When there is less friction the items move faster/more easily.  I’d like you to complete the investigation that is explained in the document below.


Gangsta Granny Chapter 24


Hello Year 3 and welcome to another fab day of home learning. We still haven't heard from some of you this week. Remember we do love to see your learning and to hear about the other fun things you are doing at home. Please do send us something to If we haven't heard from you by Friday lunchtime we will call just to check in and see if you need any help. 

English Task

Today we are going to do a quick read. This gets you reading different text and checks your understanding. Read the text carefully. You might want to do this more than once. Then answer the questions below. Remember to keep looking back in the text to check your answers.


1. Choose and write a suitable title for this text.

2. Why do you think the author mentions that 'the buildings were very dry'?

3. Use the text to work out what you think the word 'extinguished' means. Then check with a dictionary or ask an adult.

4. What started the fire?

5. Put these events in order by numbering them 1 -4

The baker went to bed.

The fire wasn't extinguished.

Thomas Farynor did his end-of-day routines.

Sparks from the oven set the dry wood alight.

6. Underline or copy out the verbs in this sentence.

'The flames grew and spread and before long the whole house was ablaze.'

7. What type of text is this? How do you know?

Don't forget you will be tested on your spellings tomorrow, not just how to spell them but can you use the right homophone in a sentence?

there, their, they're to, two, too, see, sea, off, of

Maths Task


French Task

Bonjour! Today we are going to do a little bit of French. Copy and paste the web browser link  and watch the video showing you the names of family members in French. I’d then like you to draw a picture of your family and label the people with who they are in French.


Gangsta Granny Chapter 23


Good morning Year 3!  We hope you've had some lovely days in the Sun.  It's the Wildlife Trusts 30 days Wild challenge at the moment. Why not head over to our special page to find out more: 30 days Wild and find out more about how to get involved. 

3P will know Mrs Walker loves to get their brains ticking first thing so here's a question to help you on your way, I'd love to hear what you think. Remember there isn't a right or wrong answer just tell us WHAT you think and WHY! 

If I paint over a window is it still a window?


English Task

Today we are looking again at putting words into alphabetical order. It is an important skill to have as we use it when looking in a dictionary, thesaurus, library and registers etc. Watch the video below and then put these sets of words into register order. Remember to use your neatest joined handwriting.

1. zebra     giraffe     moose     wolf

2. strawberry     lemon     raspberry     pear

3. pasta     peas     potato     pickle

4. Sophie     Sally     Sandra     Sienna 

5. Michael     Mark     Matthew     Marcus

6. sport     spot     special     spellings 

Now can you think of your own 4 words that have the same two first letters. Ask your adult at home to put them into alphabetical order or send them to your teacher to do!

Maths Task


Science Task

Today we are going to be learning about the force called friction. Have you heard of that before? Friction is a force between two surfaces that are trying to slide along each other. Here’s a video that will help explain it to you:


Now you’ve learnt about a couple of different forces (Remember from Monday where we learnt about Pull/Push and twist?)  I’d like you to go on a force hunt around your house/garden. Find different situations or places that you would need to use one of those forces. Can you write down/photograph these and write which force it requires? 


Please remember to use the new email address to send in your work. We had very few emails yesterday so please make sure that you send something to the address by the end of the week. Thank you!


Gangsta Granny Chapter 22


Good morning. Here are your tasks for today. Please remember to use the new email address to send in your work. We had very few emails yesterday so please make sure that you send something to the address by the end of the week. Thank you!

English Task

Today for your English task we are going to focus on handwriting. We worked so hard when we were at school on joining our letters so we must try and keep it up! To start with, copy out each of these joins neatly once. When you have done this, copy out the sentences below in your neatest joined handwriting. There are capital letters missing so add these in too please.



1. sally couldn’t wait for her school trip to charmouth because she loved hunting for fossils.

2. It was amazing how quickly the month of may had flown by!

3. mr read and miss hardinge were looking forward to the children returning to school.

4. tommy wanted to open his birthday presents but his birthday wasn’t until tuesday, so he had to be patient.

Maths Task


Tuesday maths

Music Task

Today’s other curriculum task is a music task. Which is one of my (Mrs Walker) favourite subjects!

I’d like you to copy and paste this web link into your browser and close your eyes and listen to the piece of music.  Listen to it twice, both times with eyes closed and no distractions.

Once you have listened to it answers these questions:

What could you hear?

What is this style of music?

How old do you think this music is?

Which Country do you think this music is from?

What does this music make you feel?

What do you think this music could be about?

Do you like this piece of music?

 Chapter 21 of Gangsta Granny 


Good morning everyone and welcome back to the 2nd part of the summer term. We hope that you have all had a lovely half term and managed to get outside and enjoy some of the lovely sunshine we have been having. Back to work now though!

You should have received information from Miss Hardinge about slightly different contact arrangements. For those who didn't see this here is the information again.

Home learning will be set as usual on the website but will now need to be sent to The teachers will pick it up from this address and respond to you in the same way they have currently been doing. Miss Pringle will not be working for the first week of June but will return after that. For that first week, Mrs Crocock and Mrs Walker will respond to all Year 3 emails.

We have started our '30 Days Wild' which is a programme set up by The Devon Wildlife Trust. We usually have great fun with this at school but it has been adapted for children to do at home this year. Please look each day at the tab on the school website under home learning. A 30 Days Wild tab has been added. Each day there will be a new challenge. You don't have to do it everyday, but there might be something that you fancy trying. We will be collecting photos of children completing these challenges so that we can add them to the blog. Please send any photos to your teacher.

Here is your home learning for today. Please remember to email some of your work each week. We look forward to seeing what you get up to!

English Task

To start off this week, we are going to be going over some homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings and are spelt differently) and some other words that year 3 children often spell incorrectly!

I have written each in a sentence and underlined the word to focus on. Read through each sentence and copy the word in bold into a list. Next, write you own sentence for each word, making sure that you have used it in the correct way.

These are also your spellings for the week so make sure that you know how to spell them and the meanings of each ready for a test on Friday!

Tom and Lucy didn’t want to share their toys with their cousins.

There were so many people on the beach on Saturday, we didn’t know where to go.

Mum and dad said that they’re going to give us pocket money if we do some chores at home.

I wanted to buy a new game for my PS3 but it was way too expensive.

During lockdown I went to the park around the corner from my house nearly every day.

We have a dog, a cat and two goldfish as pets.

When we went to the safari park I was disappointed that I couldn’t see the tigers because they were behind a tree.

The trip to France on the ferry made me feel sick because the sea was incredibly rough that day.

When the weather was roasting hot, we ran out of ice cream.

At the park there were signs saying that we had to ‘keep off the grass’.

Maths Task

Maths 1.6.20

Science Task

This week we are starting a new topic. It’s a Science topic based on Forces and Magnets. We are going to start with some lessons about forces. Maybe before we begin can you write down or tell somebody else in your house what you think a force is?


We are going to watch two videos today to introduce you to what a force is and what affect it has.

To start today I’d like you to visit this BBC bitesize page, watch the short video and read the information underneath and then at the bottom complete the short activity.


Next watch the video on this BBC bitesize page and then complete the short labelling activity on this page:


Now that you’ve learnt a bit about forces have a go at completing this worksheet:

Pushing and Pulling forces Activity.



It's the last day of half term! If you haven't already sent your teacher any of your work from this week then please do! We'd love to see it before the end of the day.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of today's learning to see a little message from Miss Pringle and a Goodbye from Mrs Steer.

English Task

English 22.5.20

Here's the link for chapter 4 Fantastic Mr Fox chapter 4

Maths Task

Here's your final investigation of the week..

Make 37


Today is your last day learning about Ancient Egypt. I hope you have enjoyed this topic. First, watch this video as a quick reminder of the areas we have looked at. Then I would like you to be as artistic as possible and design a poster with drawings, paintings, collage etc to show the different aspects of Ancient Egyptian times. Some things you could include are pyramids, Hieroglyphics, River Nile, Gods, tombs and Tutankhamen. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

The last 3 chapters of Beth on the Nile are now on Purple Mash along with the questions for you to finish today or over half term.


Matilda - chapter 18


I would like to introduce you to my son Elijah Jay. My partner gave birth to him on Tuesday 19th May! 

Miss Pringle x

Miss Pringle's baby