Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Home Learning Page

The work on this page is for those children who are isolating at home. If your child is isolating, you will have received a letter from us explaining what to do. This is what you need to do now to access your child’s work during their period of isolation:


  1. Scroll down below the teachers’ photographs and find the heading with the day's date etc. The home learning tasks can be accessed in exactly the same way that they were earlier this year.


We understand that you might not be able to print documents or have books to hand but do your best with whatever you can find. Enjoy the learning!

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Links to online learning platforms - Lots of books and children's news articles Accelerated Reader


Useful resources

Spelling strategies

Spelling support

Year 3/4 spelling list

Year 5/6 spelling list

Vocabulary list


Tuesday 20th July

Good morning to any home learners who may still be self isolating until the end of term. For today, there are a series of links that will take you to a variety of websites and learning tasks. Click on the links and then complete the tasks in an order that you choose. Don't forget, you always have the opportunity to use Sparx and Mathletics as well as our other online platforms. Have a good day



Below, there is a link to a lesson about translation of shape. You can also download and complete the worksheet that links to this lesson.


Keep practising the Y5/6 OR the Y3/4 statutory spelling lists at the top of this page.


Here is a lesson that teaches you about how climate change can affect migration



Monday 19th July

For most of you, today is your last day of home learning and the majority of 5G will be back in school tomorrow. Enjoy today's tasks and make sure that you are ready for tomorrow. Please can you all make sure that you take your library books into school so that these can be returned for the end of term. You'll also need to have some high SPF sun cream to protect your skin on the field at lunchtime. Join me for our last Google meet at 9:30am. And whatever you're doing today - remember to be brilliant at it!


Following our earlier communication, the Y6 performance will now be streamed at 10am - a new link has been emailed to you.


Morning starter

Mr Graham saw this in his weekend newspaper and thought it would make a great starter... You could also have a go at making your own but make sure that each step of the ladder works.




Today's task gets you focussing on spellings. You can do one of two different tasks OR you might fancy giving both a go.

Task 1: Choose either the Y5/6 spelling list OR the Y3/4 list and test yourself on EVERY word in the list. Use the look/say/cover/write/check method for each word. Most of you should be practising the Y5/6 words as these are the ones you have been getting for your weekly spellings.

Task 2: Choose 10 of the trickier words from your chosen spelling list and practise writing sentences using each word in the correct context. See Mr Graham's example below:

It will be better for the environment when all cars are electrically powered.


Here's a lesson on capacity to follow up the work we did on volume a couple of weeks ago. Click on the video link below and then download the worksheet. You might also be able to do some practical work using containers at home - especially in the good weather outside.

Lesson worksheet and task


As today is your final afternoon at home you can do the following...

1: Go to 2Code and choose a couple of coding projects to complete (most of you should be able to work at Gorilla level)

2. Add finishing touched to your 3D game from earlier in the summer term OR create a new one from scratch.

3. Use Google docs to create (or edit) your document on the different stages of human development

Friday 16th July

Good morning 5G (and a few 5C'ers). Welcome to Friday's learning. Our usual Google Meet will be running at 9:30am so do please try and drop in to that once more. English, maths and art tasks await you today. The art and craft tasks will really get you singing from the trees and will cause quite a flutter (plus they're a real tweet for you all). And if you do happen to be out in the sun (and why not?), DO make sure that you have some high SPF sun cream on to prevent you from getting burnt.

Morning Starter

This morning, you have a boggle word puzzle to have a go at. See how many words you can make using the letters in the grid. Make sure each word has at least two letters. Off you go!






Mr Graham loves the website, It's a great website to discover new authors and read extracts of new books. There is sooooooo much to find and do once you've logged in. It's a great resource and one that could easily keep you (yes, all of you guys currently in year 5) reading over the whole summer break. There are a range of extracts from new books that you can read below. Choose one or two (or three!) to read at home today and let us know which was your favourite (or favourites). You could always download them all and save some to read another time.

Fortunately, the Milk...     Final_Five   Wink   Prehistoric Beasts (non-fiction)     Laugh Out Loud     Sprinkle



Today's lesson follows on from Wednesday's. Click here to watch the video and then have a go at the task below.


Art and craft (a choice of tasks)







You might need to look in your recycling bin for today's task. You'll need a 4 pint plastic milk bottle and a little adult help to make your own amazing bird. Once made, you can decorate it however you like, rainbow colours, write messages of hope onto it with a permanent pen or stick strips of tissue paper to it. Download the instructions below. Mr Graham made one a few of years ago as part of a school topic and it definitely does work. They look great painted and hung in the garden once finished. It also links in well with yesterday's English task.

Milk bottle bird instructions

Alternative task

Today's other task is all about being creative while combining 30 Days Wild, which we didn't really have much spare time for back in June. Mr Graham has had a go at making a bird mobile and there is a simple guide below. You could also add found objects such as twigs, seeds and feathers to your mobile. You could always team up with a brother or sister to make one of these if you'd like to. 

Bird mobile instructions

bird mob


Thursday 15th July



Welcome to today's home learning. Thank you once again for joining yesterday's Google Meet, it puts a smile on Mr Graham's face every time when a disembodied head appears floating in outer space or some far flung country that you've chosen as your background. Looking forward to seeing you at 9:30am and in the meantime, have a butchers at today's home learning below (ask me what that means in our Google meet).

Morning Starter

You guessed, times table practise...




Today, you have a reading comprehension task with a deeper message. There is a one, two or three star task and a set of questions for each one (as well as the answers to check against). Most of you should be completing the or 3 star tasks. No need to write the answers as you can discuss them with an adult, although you can write them if you'd rather. There are two pages of text and either 8, 9 or 10 questions for each challenge. The 1-star challenge begins on p.1. The 2-star challenge on p.7 and the 3-star challenge starts on p.13.

Reading comprehension (1, 2 and 3 star tasks)


Today is all about times tables! We really, really, really, really, really want you to come back to school being more confident with your times tables. Please don't practise the times tables you already know very well. Instead, use the time today to get better at those you don't know well enough. Below, you'll find different links to times tables tasks and games, which we have looked at before in home learning. Work your way through them and remember, challenge yourself! If you are already confident, then today is a chance to increase your speed! 

You could email letting me know which times tables you feel you have improved on. 

Practise link 1

Times table game

Hit the button

Times table games mixed

Times table shift



This is a lesson of two parts!

Task 1


Task 2 - read this carefully and then have a go at these questions


Wednesday 14th July

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday. It was great to see so many of you in yesterday's Google meet and I hope you'll all be back to say hello this morning. If you weren't there yesterday, don't be shy - come and join us. It's a great way to keep connected. And yes, you will all be back in school next Tuesday but I won't be in until the Wednesday I'm afraid :(

Morning starter

Some more times table practise today...



Today's task focuses on the different vocabulary that you have learnt this year. Download the task and the vocabulary list below. Mr Graham will run through this in his Google meet this morning.

Vocabulary task     Vocabulary list (you'll need this too)


Click here to see today's lesson video - you can start it from 4 mins 10 seconds if you like! 



Today’s science lesson is all about discovering the amazing science in your own home. There are four different but simple investigations to carry out, all of which will amaze you in some way and may well leave you with more questions than answers. Each experiment can be opened on the link below. Please send us some pictures or videos of your scientific afternoon.

After completing each experiment, think about what science is happening each time as well as the following questions:

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Experiments 1 - 4

Video 1 (Experiment 1)    Video 2 (Experiment 3)

Tuesday 13th July

We hope that you have recovered from England's loss and are ready for day 2 of Home Learning Part 3. Mr Graham is well aware that this isn't the ideal way to end the term and it wasn't in the script but we'll have to make the best of it. A link for today's meeting has been sent to an email address provided by the office so if your parents haven't got the link, tell them to get in touch with the office and update their contact details. See you at 9:30am - I promise!

Morning Starter

Fill in the gaps for the 7 times table below.

x7 tables



Today's English task is an Authorfy 10 minute challenge. Download the task below, watch the video and listen to the author, Sibeal Pounder explain what you have to do. Mr Graham has also had a go at today's task and you can open his creation below to give you some ideas about how you could present your final piece. Have fun with today's challenge!

Authorfy task

Mr Graham's example


Don't forget to spend another 10 minutes practising spellings from either the Y3/4 list or the Y5/6 list from the top of this page.


Today, you have a challenge to have a go at. Click here to read all about it! Find as many solutions as you can! 


Tour de France, Wimbledon, The Euros (sorry), there's been so much sport on TV at the moment so today's task is all about different sports and the names for them in French. Click the link below and follow the tutorial. You could create your own poster of different French sports and even find some more that aren't on the tutorial.

French sports tutorial

And finally...

It wasn't the ending we wanted to Euro 2020 (21) but it wasn't all bad. If you haven't seen the montage below on BBC Sport, then click the link and remind yourself that there were lots of positives for England in the tournament. You just might want to stop watching just before the very end.


Monday 12th July

Well, here we are again! Just when we all thought we were nearly over the line, Covid rears its ugly head once more to put a spanner in the works with a few more days of home learning to follow. At the time of writing, the match between England and Italy hadn't been played so we're either feeling incredibly elated or totally miserable depending on the result. However you're feeling, there's some home learning tasks to get stuck into today so scroll down and find out what's in store. There will be a Google Meet at 9:30 am to run through the day's tasks but there won't be separate or group meetings running throughout the morning. All being well, an email will have appeared in a parent's inbox earlier this morning with details. See you soon...

Morning Starter



In class this term, we've been reading October, October by Katya Balen and hopefully, we'll get to finish this wonderful story before the end of term. For today's English task, read the extract from the first few pages (it's been a while since we read this as we started this book back in November!) and then complete the task below. Most of you should be able to read the extract by yourself but you could always ask an adult or older sibling to help you if necessary.

October, October extract

Task: Cover design

We have read well over half of the book now and know lots more about October's life. Using an event or series of events from the story, create your own front cover with a design that reflects the story or your chosen event. Draw your design however you want and take your time over it.


Download the Year 3/4 or Year 5/6 spelling list from the top of this page and work through some of the trickier words on each list.


Below are some links to a couple of problems that we were going to look at in class today. Click on the links and download the problems and then spend some time finding the solutions. The Albert Square problem is particularly difficult. Have fun!

Don't forget, this is an ideal time to log onto SPARX and practise your times tables. You should all know your log ins by now as you've had them all year. I'm afraid I won't be able to email out individual log-ins as it will take too long.

Albert Square      Maze


If you have access to Google docs, you could practise your word processing skills and create a new document about what makes a healthy lifestyle following on from our PE sessions with Aaron and Exeter City.

If you haven't, log in to Purple Mash and practise coding (Gorilla level) or Game Design from earlier in the term. Hopefully, you have your reading records at home with various log-ins inside the front cover.