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Staff Testimonials

Hear about why these staff members love being part of the Whipton Barton Federation team.

  • Courtney Snell

    Teaching Assistant

  • Jonathan Graham


  • Emily Guppy

    Key Stage Leader

Courtney Snell

Teaching Assistant

I started my Whipton Barton journey as a pupil in 2001 and returned to the school as a member of staff in 2019. The diverse opportunities Whipton Barton Federation have provided have been enriching for me both personally and professionally. I have gained tremendous skills through training, experiences and i have had the opportunity to learn from accomplished colleagues.

I started my career at Whipton working with the youngest children. It granted me the opportunity to witness their starting points and the start of their learning journeys. I am now part of the well-established Reception team and it is a privilege to work alongside accomplished and experienced teachers and TAs. Working with children at Whipton, with their bounds of energy, inquisitive minds and creative ideas will always be something to look forward to.  Hearing Miss Snell “look what I can do” never fails to brighten my day. Whether it be because they can write a sentence, a word or a letter, every learning accomplishment is worth being celebrated and proud of.  Helping children on their journey towards a bright future is why I love my job. 


Jonathan Graham


I have had the privilege of teaching at Whipton Barton Federation for many years and have taught at both the Infant and Junior schools. The pupils across the Federation have always been very welcoming and they arrive each day with a hunger and enthusiasm for their learning. Staff at the school work with dedication, a high level of professionalism and a responsibility to ensure all pupils receive the best possible education in a nurturing and inclusive environment while our progressive and rich curriculum ensures that pupils are equipped for the next stage in their educational journeys.

The Ted Wragg Trust supports the Federation within a network of like-minded schools that collaborates and strives to provide a high quality and future proof education for all while developing the creativity and professional development of all staff.

The wider school community underpins so much of what we do and it’s been a pleasure to serve this community for so long.

Emily Guppy

Key Stage Leader

I joined Whipton Barton Federation 2018 after teaching in Gloucestershire for five years. From the moment I joined, the warm and friendly atmosphere drew me in and I immediately felt like a member of the team. The school is a really special place that strives for all of the children to embrace education and have a life of choice and opportunity. The children are inquisitive and engage fantastically in our rich and ambitious curriculum.

The school prides itself on being relentlessly positive and you can see that in staff interactions, not only with the children and families but with one another too. The positive collaboration through, training, planning and positive partnerships mean that we all truly come together to create a caring and nurturing environment that pursues excellence. 

There are plenty of opportunities for career progression in the school. I have had the experience of leading subjects, become a team leader and now a member of the Senior Leadership Team. The Federation and The Ted Wragg Trust encourage us to be ambitious and create a clear pathway of career development. Being a part of The Ted Wragg Trust means that we can gain experience outside of our own settings. We regularly work in partnership with our colleagues throughout the trust and through this positive collaboration share practice and learn from one another.

If I could describe being a part of Whipton Barton Federation and The Ted Wragg Trust in three words it would be: exciting, growth and inspiring.